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Used GMC Sonoma ZR2 misfires

Can Car Talk Diagnose Ed's GMC Sonoma Mystery?


"Well, now you know why the previous owner sold it."

GMC Sierra pickup trucks with headlight problems

Turd of the Week: Projector-Beam Headlights


"If I had driven this truck at night before buying it, I would have not purchased it." This week's loser, right here. 

CAFÉ Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards

A New Definition of "Small"


American trucks still don’t get great gas mileage and they won’t, but guess what? They’re here to stay. Jamie Kitman on the latest "small" offering from Chevrolet and GMC.

GM: Don't Fight the Victims' Compensation Fund

GM has known about problems with its ignitions for more than a decade, investigators say, so now's the time to fess up, come clean, and start rebuilding trust.
GM recall

Total Recall: GM Bites the Bullet


"Unmitigated crap cans from the day they left the factories... these flawed, uncompetitive machines bespoke GM’s utter indifference to cars as it chased rich SUV profits..."

2014 Detroit Auto Show highlights

2014 Detroit Auto Show: The Kitman Files


Jamie Kitman looks past the glare of overwaxed surfaces at every turn, and gives us his take.

Interview: GM's New CEO, Mary Barra

Barra is the first woman not only to lead GM, but the first woman heading any of the Big Three. In fact, she's the first woman to head any global automaker. Car Talk's Jim Motavalli interviewed her, prior to the announcement. 

Nice Yacht, Buddy!

$2.5M worth of car parts stolen -- a Car Talk investigative report!

Bob Lutz: The Green Car Guy Who Says Global Warming Is @#$%&*

Despite being the father of the Chevy Volt and a pioneer of plug-in hybrid trucks, this book-writing industry veteran isn’t in it to save the planet from climate change.

A Big Year for the Big Three

It was a big sales’ recovery year for Detroit, but largely due to others' misfortunes. For 2012, automakers are hedging their bets on EVs, but oil price hikes would lead to big demand.


Rocket Fuel