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Unintended Acceleration with A/C Running Wasn't by Design

Jon's Ford Fairmont gained some uncool pep when he turned on the a/c. 

In the Driver's Seat of Hertz' New Mustang GT-H

Fifty years ago, Hertz rented out Carroll Shelby's hot GT350 Ford fastback. Now, for nostalgia or fun, you can grab an even faster version. I did.

And the Most Complained-About Vehicle Is . . .

A toast to the Ford Explorer, in honor of all the examples out there that have turned themselves into, well, toast.

Turd of the Week: Ford Fiesta

This week's honoree takes home the prize for rough shifting and worse--transmission failures. 

What's Normal for New Ford Focus?

John's 2014 Ford Focus shudders into second gear, but the dealer told him it was "normal". What does Car Talk suggest? 

Apple Pie by the Gross: The Ford F-150

Kitman on the new Ford F-150? "...positively military war bird from some angles... belligerent as Dick Cheney after a three-martini lunch on a day when his moon is in the wrong house and Act Up demonstrators are noisily crashing his high-paid speaking event." More, here. 

An F-150 Near 30 MPG: Ford's Big New Winner?

The current Ford F-150 is an ultra-popular gas guzzler. The fuel-efficient new model is a gamble. WIll it pay off?

Forget that SUV: Five Great Alternatives

Wish the high-center-of-gravity, low MPG SUV would just… go away? It’s not going to. But, here are some much better options, in our opinion.

Today: Is Car Safe Without Sway Bar?

The sway bar was dangling from Claude's stepson's car, so the mechanic removed it. Tom and Ray say the car is safe to drive, but the mechanic should have worked a little harder to keep the bar. Find out why, right here.

Company Man: Mark Fields Takes Over at Ford

Meet Ford's new CEO--and find out what it might mean for its future.


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