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Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?
May 18, 2017

Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?

Dear Car Talk

Mary Lou's new car has odd noises escaping from the engine compartment. Do "they all do that" or should she press her mechanic for an answer?

noises Ford Escape 2016

Car that can tow with good mileage
Jun 11, 2013

Today: Help Dave Choose a New Car

Dear Car Talk

Dave is buying a new car and he needs something that is good for daily commuting, but one that can also occasionally tow a pair of Jet Skis. Tom and Ray think there are several vehicles that can handle both situations. Find out what they recommend, right here.

towing Ford Escape 2013

should i buy a car i love if it's getting discontinued
Apr 01, 2011

Should Denise buy a Mercury, with the entire brand being discontinued?

Dear Car Talk

I drove a 2010 Mercury Mariner as a rental in Tucson, Ariz., last winter. I'm a snowbird now from the Chicago area and need a car down there. I really liked the car but saw that it is being discontinued. Would...

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