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Detroit Auto Show 2014: The View From the Floor

With input from Car Talk listeners, here are some of the highlights of the North American International Auto Show in the Motor City.

2014 Detroit Auto Show: The Kitman Files

Jamie Kitman looks past the glare of overwaxed surfaces at every turn, and gives us his take.

The Dodge Dart Rides Again

Hey, Tom and Ray, are you sitting down? Maybe you better. I've just returned from the Detroit Auto Show where I caught a glimpse of the first real progeny of the Fiat-Chrysler marriage.

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show: Everybody's Gone Green

Hybrids and electric cars aren't (like "Baby" in Dirty Dancing) hidden in the corner anymore—they're out in front for everybody to see.

The biggest threat from plug in vehicles

There’s something special about getting up at 4:15 a.m. I’m lucky enough to be a work-at-home green car blogger with no set schedule, so I never see that time of day unless I set my clock wrong. But this year’s Detroit Auto Show was a busy, busy affair. So busy, in fact, that during the first ...

Oh My Aching Feet: Two Days on the Floor at the Detroit Auto Show

Tramping around Cobo Hall is sure to wear out shoe leather, but it also offers a chance to uncover some green nuggets. And here it is, my highlight reel with just the good parts.

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