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Dart vs. Dart: Our '63 Dodge Against a '14 GT

The 1963 Dodge Dart is an iconic vehicle at the Car Talk garage, so how does it stack up against the modern competition?

It's Baaaaack...

Geezers and hipsters rejoice! The Dodge Dart is on its way back, with a little help from...Fiat?

Could a '63 Dodge Dart by the cure for Will's automotive blues?

Since moving to another city, I've been stricken with car problems. First, I had a VW Eurovan, which was great all winter. But then it needed a $2,000 air-conditioning unit. I promptly sold it. Then I bought an Acura. It's a...
how much should i expect to get for my very well taken care of '63 dodge dart

What's the right price for Joy's '63 Dodge Dart? Today: Tom and Ray do the math.


My 1963 Dodge Dart four-door sedan was an old-lady car when I bought it in late '63. I have now become an old lady and changed to another, newer old-lady car, a 2001 Buick Century. My Dart and I drove from one...

Is there any reason that the threads on the lug nuts of a Dodge Dart are threaded in the opposite direction of all other cars?

Last night I was sitting on my porch having a cold one and my girlfriend mentioned to me that she would like me to show her how to change a tire As I began to confidently explain to her the...

Why do Dodge Darts last forever?

My wife thinks I'm crazy because I'm an old Dodge Dart nut I presently own two of them One is a Dart slant six with miles The other is a mint Dart slant six with miles used only in good...

Where can I find parts for the Dodge Dart I'm attempting to restore?

I'm in the process of restoring a Dodge Dart and my only problem so far is trying to find weather stripping for the trunk and the doors I called all the Dodge dealers in my area and every one of...

Is there any hope for my "new" Dodge Dart?

I recently purchased a Dodge Dart--don't laugh, the car has 61K original miles on a V- engine The original interior is nearly flawless and the paint still shines. I paid only $700 for the car.  Now here's the bad part ....

The '63 Dart is a classic!

As a long-time fan of your column and your radio show I have determined that one of you owns a Dodge Dart as old as mine I have a I hope to keep using this car for the rest of...

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