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Will Water Harm the Power-Steering System?


Craig goofed and added some water to his power steering system. Flushing it is easy--and might be worth putting on video.

i can't figure out how to replace fix my parking lights

David Needs Help with a Common Car Problem

David tried fixing the usual culplrits and he still can't get his Buick's parking lights to work. The solution is easy if he knows where to look.
are under engine covers necessary

Does That Piece of Plastic Serve a Purpose?


Alex removed the plastic panel just behind his front bumper after it started dragging. Does it do something vital, or can he just soldier on without it?

why does hitting the blower motor on my AC fix it when it's stuck

This 4Runner's Blower Motor is a Whack Job


Dale's Toyota 4Runner has a blower that sometimes needs a solid whack to get working. Should he replace it, or just smack it a while longer?

how do i choose good aftermarket parts

Will Aftermarket Tuneup Parts Save Money or Create Problems?


Can Robert use cheaper aftermarket parts for a tuneup or will his Monte Carlo pay the price?

Auto parts stores

In Praise of the Humble Parts Guy


The last two weeks working on my project 1979 Chevy Blazer have been a constant flurry of activity, punctuated by approximately 27,391 runs to one of the six parts stores within a five mile radius of my house. It's given me a new appreciation for the qualities of a good parts counterman.

How to borrow a trailer

A Brief History of Utility Trailers


How our blogger survived the 70s' era of DIY trailers and kids riding atop the sacks of garbage on the way to the town dump. Plus, etiquette for the modern trailer borrower. 

do spark plug coils need to be replaced separately from the whole plugs

Avoiding the time suck of a stuck spark plug


It took Dan three and a half days to change his spark plugs because of one fussy coil pack. What turned this simple job into an epic quest for fire?

DIY auto body paint job

How to Paint a Car With a Bucket of Rust-Oleum and a Roller


UPDATE: This week, Maaco -- the cheapie respray outfit that paints everything including the license plate -- started running ads that suggest that painting your car with Rust-Oleum and a roller is a bad idea. We disagree, and we proved it.

MIG welding on a truck

Today: MIG Welding an Older Truck?


Car Talk's advice for MIG welding: get the right eye protection, and try not to set your car, your house or your hair on fire. Read the rest, right here.


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