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The Shop is at Fault, But Can Pam Prove It?

Pam paid $400 to have her right rear axle bearing replaced. Turns out, the shop didn't do the work. Can Car Talk help her prove it? 

Today: Don't Ignore the Tie Rod

Bo's 1987 Honda Accord needs $750 worth of repair between a new C.V. boot and tie rod. But the car itself is barely worth that. What can he afford to ignore? Tom and Ray offer him a hands-on solution for the C.V. boot but insist that he fix the tie rod right away. 

Today: Tom and Ray consider two very different ways to repair cars.

OK. I have two sons of opposite disposition, but who are great friends anyway. We do as much work on cars as we can to save money and maintain some sense that we haven't been made entirely useless by today's...

Piper's Subaru shakes like mad on left turns. Can Tom and Ray help?

I have a manual-transmission 2000 Subaru Forester with 126,000 miles that I've had since it had 12 miles on it. I also have a 1-month-old baby. As a new mom, my car has me a little worried. During the past year, it has...

Dr. Seuss, eat your heart out.

If you guys weren't comedians I wouldn't write On the other hand You appear to be very bright Especially about cars And each and every trouble So here is a question which Please answer on the double I've always shifted...

The stone age "split boot."

I have been informed that the rubber boots on my C V joints are getting worn and should be replaced The job is quite expensive however since the front end has to be partially disassembled to re place these rubber...

Are C-V joints ever supposed to click and clack?

Are C-V joints ever supposed to click and clack When I turn the wheel of my car full left or full right at very low speeds forward or reverse we hear click-click-click or clack-clack-clack from the front end The car...

How to recognize the sounds of a bad tire.

While driving my wife's Toyota Camry I noticed a thump thump thump while cornering hard to the left or right Thinking this was caused by the well worn original tires I replaced them with a brand new set Much to...

What is a "half shaft"?

What is a half shaft in a Ford Tempo and what makes it give out Barbara TOM The half shaft is what you get from the dealer when your car is still under warranty Once the warranty expires Barbara you...

Do you know where your CV joints are?

I have a Ford Escort with miles on it I was recently told that I need new CV joints Can you explain what happens when CV joints go bad Paul RAY CV joints are intricate ball and socket joints used...

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