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69 VW Bug continuously bogs down

What's Next for the Bogged Down Bug?


Jeffrey's '69 VW Bug continuously bogs down and he's tried everything to fix it. Nothing's worked. Car Talk's suggestion for what he should try next, right here.

The Beetle and the Mouse That Roared

Fiat's 500 Abarth is a noisy little beast, and the Beetle GSR is--despite wild graphics--a more refined affair.
VW Bug safety record

Should Maryann's Daughter Buy an Old VW Bug?

Maryann's daughter wants an old VW Bug but Maryann is worried about their safety record. Can Tom and Ray convince her daughter that it's a terrible idea?

Volts Wagens: Old Bugs go from Gross Polluters to EV Stars

The mid-60s VW Beetle was a green icon in its day, but in terms of smog it's a gross polluter even when compared to a Hummer. So converting old Bugs to electric drive turns out to be a great idea.
better idea than drying my distributor cap off with a hairdryer after a storm

When the rains come, bust out the hairdryer!


My daughter owns a 1977 VW bug that she parks on the street. When it rains hard, the car won't start. To get it started she has to take off the distributor cap and dry it with a hair dryer. Is...

should i buy a pre-owned certified beetle or a new scion

I'm buying my first car: Scion or Beetle?


I am 25 years old and buying a car for the first time in my life, and I live in a city. I am trying to decide if it would be better to buy a new Scion xA or a Certified...

could an old volkswagen beetles still be a reliable car choice

Please tell me it's a good idea to buy a pre-1998 VW Beetle!


My college roommate Kathryn and I are avid fans of your column and radio show and now I have a question I have always been interested in purchasing a pre- VW Beetle convertible Is this just a dumb idea or...

Apple employee look for Tom and Ray's approval for buying a new VW Beetle.

I am looking for a new commuter car that is both reliable and gets great gas mileage I work at Apple Computer so while I'm busy saving an American icon I don't want to have to worry about how I'm...

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a campus commuter?

I am a student who needs a car to get around campus I am contemplating purchasing a Volkswagen Bug since it is a relatively cheap car that's good on gas What is the right year to get and what things...

When the rains come, bust out the hairdryer!

My daughter owns a VW bug that she parks on the street When it rains hard the car won't start To get it started she has to take off the distributor cap and dry it with a hair dryer Is...


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