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1/3 scale Aston Martin DB5 model

Ejector Seat? Check. Rotating License Plates? Check.


Jamie Kitman and a 1/3 scale Aston Martin DB5 model with all the classic James Bond features.

Converting a Scion iQ into an Aston Martin Cygnet clone

Austin's Aston Scion


Aston, as in Aston Martin? And Scion, as in Toyota? Yes, that's right. A creative car nut in Texas has redefined the meaning of "hybrid vehicles."

Today: Michael gets the green light for the car of his dreams.

I've always wanted an Aston Martin -- no kidding. And now, at age 72, my wife (who is younger) says it's OK for me to buy or lease one. BUT, I feel oh so guilty. To spend that kind of money...

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