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Snow Patrol: All-Wheel Drive Won't Help Without Winter-Friendly Tires

My 2014 BMW has AWD and traction control, but it slipped all over the road during the recent winter storm. Why? Blame the performance tires.

Which is better for the frozen north: an SUV or a lower-riding car?

I am a doctor living in an area that typically can get 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground at some point in the winter. Snow plows are not always out on the roads when I drive. For this reason...

Today: the secret costs of owning an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

I'm writing to you from hot and sunny Phoenix. My wife and I currently own a 2004 Subaru Forester. We bought an all-wheel-drive vehicle because we hope to be living someplace where it snows within the next few years. We love...

What's the right car for Jody and her Westies? Tom and Ray discuss the options, in today's letter to Car Talk.

I am beginning to look for a new car, a minivan. I currently drive a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport, which I love, but I need something bigger (I do a lot of things with my Westies, and I need more space...

Four-Wheel Drive: Full Time vs. Part Time

Larry test drove a four-wheel drive Jeep Liberty and thinks some of the stuff the salesman told him about part time and full time four-wheel drive was just plain wrong. Can Tom and Ray set the record straight?

Why are so many of the vehicles I see stuck in snowy weather SUVs?

I recently drove from Mississippi to Oklahoma to visit my family for Christmas I made my trip one day after a winter storm moved through the area I saw several vehicles off in the ditch which I presumed were accidents...

Can you recommend a vehicle that will be able to handle Lake Tahoe snow?

I recently moved to Lake Tahoe California to be with my fiance I drive an ' Dodge Colt which has been a great car but I believe I need something better suited to the ice and snow as well as...

"All Wheel" versus "Four Wheel" drive.

My driveway is quite steep and I have an old beat-up four wheel drive truck that I use to get in and out of it in the winter when there's snow or ice on the ground I also have a...

Four-wheel drive vs. steering

Marilyn says she's not the best snow driver and she's looking for a new car with either four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Tom and Ray explain her options.

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