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Jeep Renegade problems and complaints

This Week's Turd of the Week . . .


Find out what earns Car Talk's top dishonor this week. 

When to use four-wheel drive

Today: When to Use Four-Wheel Drive


Claudine's daughter just got a used Honda CR-V, her first four-wheel drive, and Claudine wants to know how to get the best use out of it. Tom and Ray say her daughter picked the best kind of four-wheel drive--the automatic kind. Find out why this is safer in difficult conditions and more effective in everyday road driving, as well. 

Driving a sedan in snow

Which is better for the frozen north: an SUV or a lower-riding car?


I am a doctor living in an area that typically can get 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground at some point in the winter. Snow plows are not always out on the roads when I drive. For this reason...

Should it cost extra for an oil change, if your car is 4-wheel drive?

A few weeks ago, I stopped at Jiffy Lube for an oil change (I have a 2005 Kia Sportage, four-wheel drive, with 16,500 miles). I asked the man behind the counter for a price on an oil change. He said $24.95. And then...

Four-Wheel Drive: Full Time vs. Part Time

Larry test drove a four-wheel drive Jeep Liberty and thinks some of the stuff the salesman told him about part time and full time four-wheel drive was just plain wrong. Can Tom and Ray set the record straight?

Why are so many of the vehicles I see stuck in snowy weather SUVs?

I recently drove from Mississippi to Oklahoma to visit my family for Christmas I made my trip one day after a winter storm moved through the area I saw several vehicles off in the ditch which I presumed were accidents...

Should 4WD be engaged regularly to keep it in good working order?

Is it wise to occasionally activate a four-wheel-drive system to keep it in good working order My mechanic advises I do this for a short distance -- John RAY Well as my elderly Jewish grandmother would say It vuldn't hurt...

Should I be using 4WD in cold, rainy conditions?

Yesterday I was driving my Ford Expedition on the highway in Vermont There was a cold rain when I started out but it was above freezing I was driving at about mph when without warning I must have hit some...

Is my pickup fit for snow driving?

I live in Florida and I am planning to visit a friend in Minnesota for the holidays I understand it tends to snow there I have a -by- pickup with Bubba tires big and fat which I figured would be...

4WD, AWD, front/rear-wheel drive for winter driving? How about "traction control"?

I've been thinking about buying a new car and one of my big concerns is performance in the snow I'm looking for a full-sized car but I'm confused about whether I should be looking for all-wheel drive front-wheel drive or...


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