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my car won't start and makes staticky sounds

Pushbutton Start Doesn't Always Do the Trick


Paul's Accord has a push button start that requires some coaxing. It's under warranty--but how it's handled at the service counter helps down the road.

Ford Explorer defective paint.

First Signs of the Carpocalypse: 2011-2016 Ford Explorer Paint Problems


Our latest installment of First Signs of the Carpocalypse covers the Ford Explorer from 2013 through the current model year.

Ford Focus transmission and door latch problems.

Used Ford Focus – Buy This Year, Not That One!


Shoppers looking for a Ford Focus should avoid these years to stay away from door latch issues and failing transmissions.

Problems with used Nissan Altimas.

Used Nissan Altima, Buy This Year, Not That One!


The Nissan Altima can make a good used car, but choose your year wisely.

Hyundai Elantra brake problems

This Week's Turd of the Week


Brake problems, suspension issues, and electrical woes won this week's top dishonor for this surprise contender. Find out which car is Car Talk's Turd of the Week, right here.

Toyota RAV4 has leaky a sunroof

Today: Fix for a Leaky Sunroof?


Sharon replaced the leaky sunroof in her Toyota RAV4 two years ago. Now she's hearing water in the roof again. Can she dry out the roof? Or does Car Talk have a better idea? Find out.

2013 LA Auto Show

Why Car Shows Are Weird


Hint: It might have something to do with monkeys, the next Sandra Bullock and/or German drywallers.

Is the era of the huge SUV over

BMW X1 and the Return of the Clown Car


Is America finally getting over its infatuation with the SUV, and returning to cars that actually carry lots of stuff?

Car that can tow with good mileage

Today: Help Dave Choose a New Car

Dave is buying a new car and he needs something that is good for daily commuting, but one that can also occasionally tow a pair of Jet Skis. Tom and Ray think there are several vehicles that can handle both situations. Find out what they recommend, right here.
LaFerrari review

LaFerrari: Fast, Furious, Too Bad About the Name


One car that won't be making an appearance in New York this week is LaFerrari, by...Ferrari.


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