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Dart vs. Dart: Our '63 Dodge Against a '14 GT

The 1963 Dodge Dart is an iconic vehicle at the Car Talk garage, so how does it stack up against the modern competition?
Can old cars be dependable

Is a dream car from high school a good idea today?


I graduated from high school in 1963, and my dream car was the 1963 Studebaker Avanti. Well, life got in the way, and I never realized my dream of owning an Avanti. I recently have been going on eBay to find Avantis...

should I but an antique car that i love

Today: A car purchase that clearly was meant to be.


My grandmother once owned a 1963 Rambler. It was the only car she ever had -- my grandfather bought it for her the year I was born (the car was brand new, and so was I!). She had that car until...

Could a '63 Dodge Dart by the cure for Will's automotive blues?

Since moving to another city, I've been stricken with car problems. First, I had a VW Eurovan, which was great all winter. But then it needed a $2,000 air-conditioning unit. I promptly sold it. Then I bought an Acura. It's a...
how much should i expect to get for my very well taken care of '63 dodge dart

What's the right price for Joy's '63 Dodge Dart? Today: Tom and Ray do the math.


My 1963 Dodge Dart four-door sedan was an old-lady car when I bought it in late '63. I have now become an old lady and changed to another, newer old-lady car, a 2001 Buick Century. My Dart and I drove from one...

The '63 Dart is a classic!

As a long-time fan of your column and your radio show I have determined that one of you owns a Dodge Dart as old as mine I have a I hope to keep using this car for the rest of...

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