Amish Visits Car Talk Plaza


What's it like to visit our lousy office? One intrepid visitor tells all.


Shameless High Voltage Alert!


See Car Talk blogger Jim Motavalli interviewed by Jay Leno as part of Leno's Garage series. Jim's new book, High Voltage: The Fast Track to Plug In the Auto Industry, just arrived in bookstores.


A Car Tune for a Good Cause


This weekend, the show features a car tune with special meaning to Car Talk Plaza. Here's the scoop.


It's Baaaaack...


Geezers and hipsters rejoice! The Dodge Dart is on its way back, with a little help from...Fiat?


Polluting Young Minds


As if it weren't bad enough that an entire generation of adults have suffered through our lousy show, we're apparently also polluting the brains of America's future, too!


Click and Clack recommended a tattoo for an 11 year old?!


Yes. On a recent show 11 year old Hanna from Granby, Connecticut called to ask how to get back at her Dad, who was getting his jollies from laying on the horn of his truck when she walked by. Tom and Ray suggested a tattoo. But-- and this is a big but-- they suggested a temporary, henna tattoo.


The Mechanics of Reasoning


Be scared. Be very, very scared. Why? Simple: Tom and Ray might be training your next doctor. Turns out, our humble hosts are not half bad at taking a history. And, they might have some skills to share with, a gastroenterologist. Or even a brain surgeon.


Tom, Ray and . . . Belly Dancing?


Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. No mechanic’s bellies will ever be shown gyrating on our lousy web site. It turns out, Tom and Ray have finally reached one of our last, hold-out demographics... belly dancers!


Car Talk Theme Tune, Now Digitally Remastered!


Like the Car Talk theme tune? A lot of listeners tell us it's the best part of the show. We're not sure we'd disagree. Well, we love David Grisman's "Dawggy Mountain Breakdown," too, and we thought you'd like to know a bit of exciting news about those melodious bluegrass notes.


S.S. Boat Payment


Car Talk joined our friends from WBUR at a recent event. The Spring Festival, held at Community Rowing on the Charles River, gives listeners a chance to hang out on the water with their favorite local radio personalities. Captains Click and Clack of the S.S. Boat Payment made a guest appearance.


Happy Birthday Tommy!


Tom’s birthday comes but once a year and we couldn’t miss it. We’re deeply concerned about honoring our wise hosts… okay, who are we kidding? We’re looking for a chance to procrastinate and have an iced cappuccino with the old man. How did we celebrate Tom this year? Well…. Tired of...


LaHood Sticks His Neck Out for Safety


We all know what happens to politicians who take courageous stances.  Raise the retirement age for social security so it'll stay solvent?   Raise taxes to pay for the services we want?  Use a gasoline tax to decrease our dependence on foreign oil?


You Know You've Arrived, When...


Tom and Ray have been on The Tonight Show. They've done Letterman. They've won the (once prestigious, until they got it) Peabody Award. But now, at long last, we've really hit the big time! From listener  William DeBuvitz: CarTalk is in a NY TIMES crossword puzzle.


Tom and Ray's Relative Back Home?


Courtesy of Car Talk listener Michael Schmelz, in Panzano, Chianti, Italia.


Not Always A Waste of A Perfectly Good Hour


Every now and than, we get a note from someone who not only hasn't wasted the hour listening to us, but manages to find some value in it. Here's one we thought you'd like to see.