Which State Has the Worst Potholes?

polls, potholes
We know that “science” has already answered this question and they claim it’s California. But we’re not buying it.

We asked for your nominations and then we narrowed it down to the ten most-maligned states. Now it’s time to cast your vote and help us settle it the Car Talk way-- by voting early and often!

This photo makes a strong case for Michigan. (Submitted by Alex)

Do you think we erred? Write-in campaigns are always welcome. Or, if you live in one of the unlucky ten above, tell us your story. Supporting documentation, anecdotes and photos that support your case strongly encouraged!

Whoever makes the best case as to why their state should win, will receive an exclusive prize, a Car Talk DIY Pothole Filler Kit (patent pending), signed by Tom and Ray. 
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polls, potholes

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