The Twelve Days of Christmas


On the Eleventh Day of Christmas
Car Talk gave to me . . .

Eleven Greasy Axles!

(Car Talk Photo)

Ten Engines Idling!

Tom and Ray pose with some fans. (Car Talk Photo)

Nine Dirty Tires,

Counting has never been our strong suit . . . (Car Talk Photo)


Tom and Ray watch the skies for signs of the fat man. (Car Talk Photo)

Seven Grilles-A-Grilling,

Warning: Not for grilling steaks or burgers. (Car Talk Photo)

Six AC compressors,

We're going to need more than six if we're going to compress all the hot air that comes from these two. (Car Talk Photo)

♫     Five guys with springs!     ♫

Three Nissenbaums, two Magliozzis and we seem to have misplaced the partridge... (Car Talk Photo).

Four busted heads,

Looks like we forgot to take the price tag off this one... (Car Talk Photo)

Three tail lights,

Tom and Ray (In)Action Figures not included. (Car Talk Photo).

Two Steering Wheels,

Santa's got nothing on Joe from Nissenbaum's. (Car Talk Photo)

And a Magliozzi in an MG.

Sorry, no returns. (Car Talk Photo)
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