Formula E Battery Car Racing Invades New York

Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli | Jul 21, 2017

For the first time, electric car racing took place on the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The event sold out, and the cars are coming back. Next step, electrifying the world's auto fleets.

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1955 Chevy Cruise
May 25, 2017

1955: A Great Year to Buy a Car in America

Jim Motavalli

1955 was a year of innovation. With debuts including an all-new Chevy Bel Air, the Ford Thunderbird, the Citroen DS, the Triumph TR3 and MGA, consumers couldn't go wrong.


Using Cruise Control on Downgrades Won't Harm Your Engine
May 23, 2017

Using Cruise Control on Downgrades Won't Harm Your Engine

Dear Car Talk

Doug uses cruise control to slow his roll on descents. How does this affect his drivetrain?

cruise control safety transmissions

Automotive Dictionary
May 22, 2017

Fan Takes Issue With Car Talk Blogger's Use of Word "Issue"

Staff Blog

Got a linguistic pet peeve? Here's a letter from someone who has an issue with "issue" and isn't too shy to tell us about it! 


May 19, 2017

The Mechanic and the Moth

Staff Blog

A mechanic was working late one night when a man walked into his shop. "Can you help me?" the man asked. "I think I am a moth."

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Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?
May 18, 2017

Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?

Dear Car Talk

Mary Lou's new car has odd noises escaping from the engine compartment. Do "they all do that" or should she press her mechanic for an answer?

noises Ford Escape 2016

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'
May 16, 2017

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'

Dear Car Talk

Art's BMW occasionally releases a smoke screen that would make James Bond proud. His mechanic isn't having any luck replicating the problem. What gives?

emissions gaskets fluids smoke BMW 325 2003

May 12, 2017

Saving Painted Turtles, with Paint

Kieran Lindsey

Drivers ignore wildlife crossing signs. So wildlife advocates are getting creative.

wildlife signs

May 11, 2017

Alignment Check Can Confirm If There Is a Control Arm Mix-Up

Dear Car Talk

Laura rebuilt the front end of her Taurus, but has a nagging suspiciion that some parts were mixed up. How can she tell for sure?

alignment Ford Taurus 1993

May 11, 2017

The Toothpaste Cure: Two Paths to Better Headlights

Jim Motavalli

Yes, toothpaste really is useful to clean your headlights, and if that's too weird you can buy a commercial restoration kit. I tried one out, and here's the results.

cleaning DIY headlights