Is Beaten-Up Car with a Rap Sheet worth Saving?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 28, 2017

B.J.'s prodigal Silverado is home after theives used it for their getaway car, but the insurance company totalled it. Is it worth fixing?

insurance Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007

Jul 26, 2016

Our Roads and Bridges are Crumbling, and Nobody Wants to Pay to Fix Them

Jim Motavalli

The sensible thing, given a $14 billion deficit annually, would be to either raise gas taxes or impose a mileage tax. But politicians are allergic to the word "tax."


Jul 21, 2016

America's Oddest Highway Attractions

Jim Motavalli

The Old Weird US of A still lives, out there on Route 66, the old Lincoln Highway, and byways across the country. 

road trips

why does the gas pedal in my car release when i brake hard or turn on the air conditioner
Jul 21, 2016

Unintended Acceleration with A/C Running Wasn't by Design

Dear Car Talk

Jon's Ford Fairmont gained some uncool pep when he turned on the a/c. 

air conditioning Ford 1981

what makes the cut for the car talk automotive stamp collection
Jul 19, 2016

The Stamps You Really Want

Dear Car Talk

These stamps might never be canceled by a U.S. postal worker, but the featured cars should've been canceled by their manufacturers


Jul 19, 2016

Infiniti's Entry-Level Crossover: The Brexit Problem

Jim Motavalli

Great Britain's exit from the European Union "complicates" the debut of the made-in-England QX30. At issue is how much the car will cost in a major market--Europe.

auto industry Infiniti

How to borrow a trailer
Jul 16, 2016

A Brief History of Utility Trailers

Tim Cotton

How our blogger survived the 70s' era of DIY trailers and kids riding atop the sacks of garbage on the way to the town dump. Plus, etiquette for the modern trailer borrower. 

towing DIY kids etiquette

Minivan pride
Jul 16, 2016

It Takes a Man to Drive the Van

Tom Bodett

Few material objects in this world can actually make you happier, but Tom Bodett has now identified three: Sharp tools. iPhones. 2011 Toyota Siennas.

minivans Toyota Sienna

Jul 15, 2016

Is the End in Sight for Gas Engines?

Jim Motavalli

Internal combustion won't disappear overnight, but it's making more and more sense to switch to simpler electric drivetrains--and automakers are thinking the unthinkable.

auto industry electric vehicles

City street in Havana, Cuba
Jul 15, 2016

Kornbluh Talks: Stuck in Cuba with Car Talk

Staff Blog

Peter Kornbluh tells us what it was really like to chaperone the Car Talk team through Havana. Plus advice for anyone planning a trip to Cuba to see the cars. 

Ray classic cars