Winter to Blame for Gas Mileage Plunge

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Jun 27, 2017

Donald has the same driving habits all year, but his Civic is more frugal with gas during the summer. What's the reason behind his winter of discontent?

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Army trade show
Oct 04, 2016

Shopping at the Army's One-Stop Trade Show

Jim Motavalli

In the heart of the nation's capital, generals kicked the tires on the latest tanks, and checked out the latest in armor-piercing rounds, mine ploughs and sniper rifles.

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could i store a deflated spare tire to save cargo space
Oct 04, 2016

Is This Flat Tire Fix Spare on Logic?

Dear Car Talk

Greg has an idea that will revolutionize the spare tire. Will it work or flat-out fail?


Difference between winter tires and regular tires
Oct 04, 2016

The Case for Winter Tires...On a Skating Rink!

Jim Motavalli

Notre Dame's skating rink was the setting for a showdown between all-season and winter tires. Guess which ones won?

winter snow tires

why do seat belts click in the middle of the seat and not the sides
Sep 29, 2016

Short Grandmas and Hidden Seat Belts

Dear Car Talk

Susan has a heck of a time belting in the grandkids' booster seats. Has anyone invented a better way to reach those buried fasteners?

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Dog-friendly hotels
Sep 29, 2016

We'll Leave the Bowl Out for You


Planning a road trip with your pet? Car Talk's pet experts recommend dog friendly hotels.

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alternative energy buses
Sep 29, 2016

Reading, Writing and Diesel Exhaust: Jenna Bush on Cleaner School Buses

Jim Motavalli

Former First Daughter (and former teacher) Jenna Bush is advocating for propane-powered buses. The air inside a diesel bus can be eight times dirtier than the outside air.

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should i tow a trailer with my prius
Sep 27, 2016

Weighing the Concerns of Towing a Camper

Dear Car Talk

Leonard asks if towing a camper will actually damage his Toyota Camry Hybrid. 

towing warranties Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007

the causes of traffic increases
Sep 23, 2016

In L.A. and Other Gridlocked Cities, Rush-Hour Traffic Never Reaches the Speed Limit

Jim Motavalli

With cheaper gas and an end to the recession, we're heading back out on the congested highways. On the worst roads, Americans are spending an extra 3.5 days in traffic every year.