Is My Car Sending Smoke Signals about Its Health?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 23, 2017

White smoke on starting, you and your car soon will be parting.

engines smoke Toyota Camry

why does my car automatically slow down after turning a corner
Aug 16, 2016

Ray Offers a Couple of Final Suggestions before Eldorado Is Ditched

Dear Car Talk

Can Ray help Arlene's Eldorado come to its senses? It's been veering towards fences for so long.

steering safety brakes safety features Cadillac Eldorado 2002

safe driving tips
Aug 15, 2016

Five Steps to Being a Safer Driver

Jim Motavalli

None of this advice is new, but it's all common sense--and we commonly ignore it. These things really can save your life.

safe driving tips

clean power fueling electric cars
Aug 12, 2016

Electric Cars and Green Power: A Clean Energy Loop

Jim Motavalli

Yes, electric cars like the Chevy Volt I'm driving aren't really "zero emission" if they're charging from fossil fuel plants. But that's why we need to build more solar, wind and hydro generation.

alternative energy

Auto parts stores
Aug 11, 2016

In Praise of the Humble Parts Guy

Craig Fitzgerald

The last two weeks working on my project 1979 Chevy Blazer have been a constant flurry of activity, punctuated by approximately 27,391 runs to one of the six parts stores within a five mile radius of my house. It's given me a new appreciation for the qualities of a good parts counterman.

DIY auto parts

can using premium gas cause a head gasket to blow
Aug 11, 2016

Is Using the Wrong Kind of Gas Causing Blown Head Gaskets?

Dear Car Talk

Does Maureen's granddaughter have a problem with gasoline--or her foot on the gas?

gasoline gaskets teens

how can i find fair prices for car repairs
Aug 09, 2016

Getting That Reality Check Before Writing a Check

Dear Car Talk

Bill asks whether his repair estimate is reasonable or booogus--and if there's a website that'll help him decide.


Honda Accord problems and complaints
Aug 09, 2016

Used Honda Accord – Buy This Year, Not That One!

Car Talk Car Complaints

The Honda Accord is a reliable used car. But some years are better than others. 

buying Honda Accord 2011 2008 2006 2003

Dog camping in a camper van
Aug 09, 2016

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

pets road trips vans Volkswagen Vanagon

Elvis BMW roadster
Aug 08, 2016

Elvis' BMW: Lost and Now Spectacularly Found Again

Jim Motavalli

While he was famously in the Army, stationed in Germany, Elvis commuted to work in a BMW 507 roadster--a car that was lost for decades. Now it's back on the road, and headed for Pebble Beach.

classic cars history BMW