Is Beaten-Up Car with a Rap Sheet worth Saving?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 28, 2017

B.J.'s prodigal Silverado is home after theives used it for their getaway car, but the insurance company totalled it. Is it worth fixing?

insurance Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007

Dog-friendly hotels
Sep 29, 2016

We'll Leave the Bowl Out for You


Planning a road trip with your pet? Car Talk's pet experts recommend dog friendly hotels.

pets road trips

alternative energy buses
Sep 29, 2016

Reading, Writing and Diesel Exhaust: Jenna Bush on Cleaner School Buses

Jim Motavalli

Former First Daughter (and former teacher) Jenna Bush is advocating for propane-powered buses. The air inside a diesel bus can be eight times dirtier than the outside air.

alternative energy public transportation kids

should i tow a trailer with my prius
Sep 27, 2016

Weighing the Concerns of Towing a Camper

Dear Car Talk

Leonard asks if towing a camper will actually damage his Toyota Camry Hybrid. 

towing warranties Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007

the causes of traffic increases
Sep 23, 2016

In L.A. and Other Gridlocked Cities, Rush-Hour Traffic Never Reaches the Speed Limit

Jim Motavalli

With cheaper gas and an end to the recession, we're heading back out on the congested highways. On the worst roads, Americans are spending an extra 3.5 days in traffic every year.


how do i choose good aftermarket parts
Sep 22, 2016

Will Aftermarket Tuneup Parts Save Money or Create Problems?

Dear Car Talk

Can Robert use cheaper aftermarket parts for a tuneup or will his Monte Carlo pay the price?

spark plugs DIY Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2000

Ending relationship with car dealer
Sep 21, 2016

Say Anything: Breaking Up with Your Car Dealer

Craig Fitzgerald

Car dealers communicate like high school boyfriends desperately trying to save a relationship.

dealers selling buying

should only gearheads own classic cars
Sep 20, 2016

The Heart Wants What it Wants

Dear Car Talk

Vince loves his '55 Ford. Is there a rational way to make the romance last?


modified cars have lower resale value
Sep 19, 2016

Performance Tune Your Car! But Kiss Its Resale Value Goodbye

Jim Motavalli

A lof of people want their cars to go faster, but it's often not worth the money--and stock is best when it's time to move on.

aftermarket parts