Is My Car Sending Smoke Signals about Its Health?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 23, 2017

White smoke on starting, you and your car soon will be parting.

engines smoke Toyota Camry

Car features for dogs.
Oct 28, 2016

Dog-Friendly Features Every Car Should Have


Built in safety equipment? G.P.S. programmed to brake for treats? Dog-friendly features every car should have, right here. 


obeying the law while traveling with your dog
Oct 28, 2016

Dogs in Cars: Common Sense--and the Law

Jim Motavalli

We all know our canine friends should be kept out of hot cars, but here's the rundown on crates, what to pack, and the whole sticking-heads-out-of-the-window thing.


Are SUVs a good choice for seniors?
Oct 27, 2016

Are SUVs the Best Choice for Seniors? Maybe Not.

Jim Motavalli

A bum knee makes me appreciate cars with easy entrance and exit. Not like my Miata, which I fall into with a loud plop.

seniors driver height Nissan Pathfinder

why won't my toyota tacoma start if its hotter than 80 degrees
Oct 27, 2016

The Best Way to Tell a Shop about a Problem

Dear Car Talk

Tom's Tacoma has a problem that only happens in specific conditions. What's the best way to convey this to his mechanic?

Toyota Tacoma 1996

is the chrysler pacifica a good choice for the owners of some big dogs
Oct 25, 2016

Reader Seeks Ray's Approval on the Latest Chrysler Family Hauler

Dear Car Talk

Will Deborah be happy with the new Pacifica? Ray chimes in with his own Chrysler minivan experience.

buying minivans hybrids Chrysler Pacifica

Five auto innovations
Oct 25, 2016

Five Car Milestones: Does Innovation Pay Off?

Jim Motavalli

For the most part, going first with new auto inventions failed to pay off. The cautious companies gave the people what they were used to, and made the money. 

auto industry history

Plymouth Satellite
Oct 24, 2016

The Patron Saint of Mopar

Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton earned the money to buy his first car mopping floors in the hospital morgue. What's your first car story? 

buying Plymouth

Macho truck culture
Oct 21, 2016

Pickup Sales Are Down, But The Macho Truck Is Here to Stay

Jim Motavalli

Ford is idling production of the bestselling F-150, with 95-day supplies on the lot. But don't expect Americans to abandon pickup trucks.


which car fluids need to be replaced and when
Oct 20, 2016

Caring For a Truck That Sits

Dear Car Talk

Mike has a pickup that spends a lot of time sitting--when it's not being borrowed. What's the best way to maintain a truck that doesn't rack up the miles?

fluids brakes Ford Ranger 2010