Is My Car Sending Smoke Signals about Its Health?

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Mar 23, 2017

White smoke on starting, you and your car soon will be parting.

engines smoke Toyota Camry

is it safe to put the car in neutral on a downhill
Nov 10, 2016

Coasting Downhill in Neutral -- Bonus or Boooogus?

Dear Car Talk

Ted wants to know if coasting down a hill in neutral saves wear and tear, and gas. 

transmissions safety fuel economy

Nov 08, 2016

First Signs of the Carpocalypse: 2014-2016 Jeep Cherokee

Car Talk Car Complaints

Our latest installment of First Signs of the Carpocalypse covers a nagging problem with the Jeep Cherokee’s nine-speed transmission.

should i use a lower or a higher octane gas if i can't get mid range gas
Nov 08, 2016

What to Do When You Need an Octane in Between?

Dear Car Talk

Dave needs an octane in between what's offered at the pump. Should he become an impromptu mixologist when filling up?

gasoline Toyota Avalon 2016

Geronimo's Cadillac
Nov 03, 2016

Geronimo's Cadillac and Other Automotive Tales of the Old West

Jim Motavalli

Legends like Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley and indeed Geronimo survived into the horseless carriage era, and readily turned in their faithful steeds for something more dependable.


can i use tap water to fill batteries
Nov 03, 2016

Do Batteries Need Distilled Water?

Dear Car Talk

Joe wants to know if batteries need distilled water to thrive, or if good old tap water will do the trick.


Nov 03, 2016

Used Honda Civic – Buy This Year, Not That One!

Car Talk Car Complaints

A used Honda Civic is always a safe bet, but some years are much better than others when it comes to reliability and owner complaints.

transmissions Honda Civic 2001 2006

famous cartoon cars
Nov 02, 2016

Kicking Tires on 7 Cartoon Cars

Jim Motavalli

From the Flintstones to the Jetsons. Unless they had flying belts, cartoon characters needed some form of surface transportation. Here's their go power. 

do lug nuts swell and if so why
Nov 01, 2016

Swollen Lug Nuts Are Driving Tim Nuts

Dear Car Talk

How do lug nuts swell, and what's the cure for this problem?

Toyota Sequoia 2014

Police dogs
Oct 28, 2016

What Happens When a K9 Cop Misses His Target?

Tim Cotton

Find out why "Officer" Ninja owes Sergeant Tim Cotton a new pair of pants. 

law enforcement