Reinventing Fire: Visions for Building a Clean Transportation Grid


Obama's renewable vision is scattered and under attack, and it lacks what they call a "narrative." Both green futurist Jeremy Rifkin and the Rocky Mountain Institute are presenting clean energy frameworks that Obama could embrace.


Wireless Charging: From Tesla to Today's EVs


Several companies are competing to charge electric cars through transmitters buried in garages and parking spaces. If they're right, you will soon be able to charge automatically and hands-free, without plugging into anything. The big challenges are safety (they think they have that one licked) and efficiency (they're working on it).


Forward Thinking: BMW Goes Electric and Ponders the World's Urban Future


The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a traveling think tank designed to produce out-of-the-box thinking about living in tomorrow's megacities. And it also promotes a new wave of electrified BMWs.


Oil Around Us: Energy Pundit Says We're Awash in the Stuff


Daniel Yergin, who set a standard for oil reporting with The Prize, is back with a new book called The Quest, and he says peak oil theory is bunk. But that view is getting challenged.


Concours D'Elegance: High-End Car Shows Weather the Recession


The blue blazer and white-glove auto events in upscale Connecticut can dazzle, even if the owners just write the checks. Auctions are part of the picture, and this year the results were decidedly mixed.


Self-Driving Cars: Look, Ma, No Hands May Be Around the Corner


Audi hosts a forum for futurists who see a self-driving car in your future. The technology (including artificial intelligence software, radar, GPS, and embedded sensors) is there, but liability questions still loom large.


Weird But True Facts About Fuel Economy


You've heard it all before--inflate your tires, take off the roof rack, don't drive like a jerk--but here are the actual amounts fuel economy will suffer if you not only buy a gas guzzler but act like an idiot with it.


Range Anxiety: 100-Mile EVs Make Some People Nervous


Americans think they drive further in a day than they actually do, and that fuels fears that limited-range EVs will end up on the side of the road with their hoods up. They're not wrong to worry (I experienced range anxiety myself), but actual behind-the-wheel time will increase driver confidence.


Making Hondas (and Organic Soybeans) in Ohio


Honda sends 1.8 pounds of waste per car to landfills from its huge auto operations in Ohio. Its greening operations include river cleanups, zero-sludge paint operations and reusing just about everything.


Michelle Bachmann's $2 a Gallon Gas: Don't Count on It


No president can deliver cheap gas, and most analysts see higher prices ahead. Even if the Alaska reserve drilling and oil shale development that Bachmann supports went ahead full tilt, the results would be outside her term in office.


Power to the People: How to Run Your House on Your Car


Here’s a scenario: An electric storm knocks out power to your house just as the Super Bowl is starting. Do you knock on the neighbor’s door with a six-pack, or do you try plugging your television into your Nissan Leaf’s 24-kilowatt-hour battery pack?


Four Cars They Should Build (for People Like Me)


Am I nuts (it's debatable) or are there a number of important auto niches that nobody's exploring? Here are some concept cars I'd really like to see, some of which would actually sell if given half a chance.


Flying Cars: They're Closer Than You Think


The flying car has been around as long as the automobile--did Leonardo Da Vinci sketch one? Nobody's ever been able to make a business out of it, but Terrafugia is making great strides. And leaping tall buildings in a single bound.


Electric Cars Need "Corridors," Just Like the Big Cats


Networks of EV chargers 40 to 60 miles apart will turn electric cars into long-distance travelers. The west coast is going to get hooked up first, but the pace is accelerating all over the country.


Fixing Electric Cars: Will the Bill Be Big?


There isn't much data yet on how much it costs to repair crashed EVs, but got hit with a big bill when its Volt was in a fender bender.