Carbon Pioneers: A Swedish Family Dramatically Cuts Its CO2 Production


The Lindell family of Stockholm, Sweden, is living in the middle of a corporate greenhouse gas reduction experiment that includes an ultra-green house and a battery-powered Volvo C30.


The Big Three, Off Life Support and Profitable, Are Making Good Cars Again


The Big Three are baaa-ck, after a long, agonizing skid. With Chrysler announcing Monday that it has finally turned a modest $116 million profit in the first quarter, all of America’s carmakers are back in the black. What a relief. I hate “The Big Two.”


The Electric Car Is Back: And Chris Paine's New Film Chronicles Its Triumphal Return


Chris Paine's new film is Revenge of the Electric Car, and it's the optimistic flip side to his previous one--which chronicled the crushing of GM's all-electric EV-1. What a difference a decade makes.


New York Auto Show 2011: The Extravaganza Grows


The New York International Auto Show is upon us, and it's now an almost-week-long extravaganza. Here's a preview.


Student Greens Let the Sunshine in for Campus EV Charging


Student activists at the University of California at San Diego are building a mobile solar EV charger that could be a sustainable option for the third world.


Three Reasons EVs Will Make Your Life Better (And Three Reasons They Won't)


Electric cars are upon us, and you have to weigh the pros and cons. Here's three of each, though the equation is likely to shift rapidly--and generally in the EV's favor.


40 Years After the Pinto's Debut, Remembering its Exploding Gas Tanks


The Pinto was brought down in a classic piece of investigative journalism that appeared in 1977. Now author Mark Dowie says that if the Pinto is repaired with an $11 part, it's actually not a bad little car.


R.I.P. to Station Wagons: The Death of a Noble Breed


The station wagon isn't really dead--like that Monty Python parrot, it's just resting, or maybe pining for the fjords.


This Volt Owner was Texaco's Production Chief...And he Thinks Peak Oil is Imminent


The oldest Chevy Volt owner is Texaco's former head of worldwide oil production, and he thinks peak oil is very, very close.


A Million Electric Cars: A Big Load, but Manageable


President Obama has called for a million plug-in cars by 2015, which sounds like a grid-buster, but we can handle it without adding a lot of new power plants.


The President's Big Plan for Green Cars


The Obama budget is a door stop at more than 2,400 pages, and nobody reads all of it--but it makes some hard choices with energy--downplaying hydrogen and launching a big push on electric car deployment. Much of it will fall by the wayside, but it's an interesting place to start.


Oh My Aching Feet: Two Days on the Floor at the Detroit Auto Show


Tramping around Cobo Hall is sure to wear out shoe leather, but it also offers a chance to uncover some green nuggets. And here it is, my highlight reel with just the good parts.


The Consumer Electronics Show: Fancy Hardware, Driver Distraction...and Artichokes


The Consumer Electronics Show includes the latest in sophisticated in-car electronics. It's wonderful, cutting-edge stuff, but driver distraction remains an issue (despite voice commands and other innovations). And what's with those artichokes?


Five New Year's Resolutions: Rubber on the Road


Five auto-themed New Year's resolutions: All about Miatas, hydrogen cars, trains, High Voltage and the elusive Fisker Karma.


Car Tunes on Car Talk: The Envelope Please for the "Jimmys"


Is there anything better on a long drive than a good set of car tunes? Thanks to iPod connectors, I now can listen to my whole library from behind the wheel, and I do. Here are my choices for some of the best driving songs.