Norway Is Electric Car Heaven


Norway, yes Norway, is where they're lining up to buy electric cars. The Nissan Leaf is the number one bestselling car in the country. The subsidies are huge, but there's more to it. This is a country in love with zero emission.


A Zero Emission Fuel-Cell Future....For Japan


Thanks to government subsidies, Japan has put 40,000 residential fuel cells into Tokyo-area homes in the past few years, and now it's poised to add hydrogen cars, too.


Ed Begley, Jr., America's Favorite Environmentalist, is Moving


Reluctantly, the star of Life With Ed is moving with wife Rachelle to a bigger house only a mile from the old one. But with solar panels and a huge rainwater collection system, it will be even greener.


Big Brother Video Camera Can Improve Your Driving


This video monitoring system makes teens and fleet drivers behave better. It certainly caught me when I drove like an idiot.


Why Are We Still Subsidizing Fossil Fuels?


Every year, governments around the world pay out more than $500 billion to support oil, gas and coal production. Do they really need those subsidies, and aren't we trying to fight global warming by phasing out those fuels?


The Big Auto Loan Debt is in Tea Party States


I thought the whole Red State goal was to not get into debt. But the biggest car-related debts are in the redder-than-red southern tier.


Cutting Weight with Aluminum Cars: Is the Ford F-150 Next?


Novelis opens a huge new auto aluminum plant in upstate New York. As carmakers try to reach 54.5 mpg by 2025, they're shedding pounds with the metal -- check out the Audi A8 and Tesla Model S. Is the very mainstream Ford F-150 the next all-aluminum vehicle?


Electric Shoot-Out: BMW vs. Mercedes


Mercedes-Benz has quietly prepared a BMW i3 fighter in the new B-Class Electric Drive, which will be fast, practical and on sale in the spring. "It will be at least as competitive as our competitors' models," says the company's R&D chief.


The Flying Car Tries Crowdfunding


Terrafugia has signed on with equity crowdfunder Wefunder. The offering is hugely popular, but so far it's making peanuts. Regular investors like you and me can't get into the game yet, but it's coming.


Is Cadillac's Near-Volt, the ELR, Worth $76,000?


General Motors needs to recoup some investment from its $1.2 billion plug-in hybrid, and that's why an upscale Cadillac version that doesn't cost a whole lot to build makes some sense. But will people buy it?


New York's "Texting Zones." If They Don't Work, Blame the Teenage Brain


Governor Andrew Cuomo is cracking down, ramping up enforcement but also creating special rest-stop "texting zones." The challenge is getting teenage drivers to recognize the risk.


What Chattanooga Needs: A Green Airport Link


Chattanooga is proud of its record as a green city, and it it should be. But the hole in the sustainability doughnut is transportation--despite a downtown electric bus shuttle, visitors end up taking a lot of cabs. Needed: a better airport link.


Car Borrowers Are Big-Time Snoops


Don't leave anything in your vehicle you don't want friends, relatives and casual aquaintances to see. They're going through the guns, the CDs, the photographs, the illegal substances, and even your pill bottles.


Fatal Teen Crashes Up Sharply - When They Have Friends in the Car


Social media and texting are likely to be big culprits, a new study shows. In most states, there are big restrictions on driving with peers, but ignorance of those laws is widespread. 


Saab's Best Bet: Going Electric


The Saab production line in Trollhattan was restarted last week--to build two cars. The company, now with Japanese and Chinese owners, wants to scale the heights again, but its best bet is in forgetting about gas cars and plugging in to become a European electric carmaker.