Buick and BMW: Very Big in China


It was unthinkable until recently, but in 2013 two of the world's iconic automakers are selling more cars in China than anywhere else. Looking forward, Asia is the growth market.


Rich Salmon: The Man With the 100,000th Electric Car


This Grand Bay, Alabama resident won the milestone Plug In America contest, which tracked EVs sold between May 15 and June 15. The counter is still going, and now 114,000 electric cars have been sold nationwide. Are you the next sale?


Stellar Car Sales in June: It's Back to 2007


The auto industry is on track to sell 16 million cars in 2013, which is quite a comeback from the dark days of 2008, when high gas prices and a banking crisis conspired to keep people off the lots.


"Little Tokyo": Japanese Honda Familes Adjust to Life in Ohio


Nearly 4,000 Japanese nationals live in Ohio – many working at Honda or the hundreds of suppliers that sell it seats, headlights and other parts. The culture shock might be total, if Columbus didn't work so hard at being neighborly.


Thin Skins in the Classic Car World: Can Irreverence Get You Blacklisted?


Craig  Fitzgerald said what he thought about white-glove concours events, and the backlash was big. Whatever happened to the First Amendment?


Losing Winter: Climate Change Will Hit New England Hard


Skiing and maple syrup production are already hard it by a warming world. Boston University Professor Pam Templer is a modern alchemist — simulating the effects of what happens when it gets even worse. 


On Father's Day: My Dad's Cheap Cars


My father didn't care about keeping up with the Joneses. He went for "practical" economy cars, no matter what I had to say on the matter--and believe me, I had plenty to say.


Honda Cuts the Fit EV Lease Price by $130. What Am I Waiting For?


Honda has leased only 174 Fit EVs to date, so it bit the bullet and cut the lease price to $259 a month. With zero down, a free charger and unlimited miles. It's part of a fire sale going on industry-wide as automakers look to get these babies off the lot. 


Code Breakers: How Access to Mysterious Repair Data Can Help (and Hurt) You


A new Massachusetts law makes arcane repair coding accessible to all, but does it also give car thieves a leg up?


Dropping Wrenches at EcoCAR as the Auto Industry Courts Student Engineers


Students from fifteen universities are in the middle of a three-year green car competition that, win or lose, often leads them to jobs with the Big Three.


Mom's Taxis: Picking a Ride for Mother’s Day


My mom isn't driving anymore, but I see her in...a Hyundai Altima. Here are a few other interesting choices for the mom in your life.


General Motors Affirms that Climate Change Is Real


Until fairly recently, General Motors was a supporter of climate denial groups. But its turnabout, taking on a new role as a fighter for carbon reductions, has been dramatic and real.


Oil Company Outrage: Is It Really about Protecting Windfall Profits?


The oil industry says consumers will pay an additional six to nine cents per gallon at the pump for a new EPA plan to get sulfur out of gasoline. The Natural Resources Defense Council say the actual cost is less than a penny unless you factor in huge profits.


The Eco-Celebrity Earth Day SUV Blindspot


Hollywood celebs will flaunt their green-ness for Earth Day, but look at their rides: Range Rovers, Cadillac Escalades and Mercedes G-Wagons.


The Shell Eco-Marathon: On the Path to 3,587 MPG


High school and college competitors race not to go fast, but to achieve super-impressive fuel economy. The ultra-aerodynamic cars definitely look weird, but boy, do they save gas.