Driving Audi's Electrifying E-Tron


Audi's electric e-tron division has unveiled battery-powered city cars and the high-performance R8, the first that will actually be produced. I finally got behind the wheel of an e-tron on a rainy Manhattan afternoon. This A3 won't be produced, but a plug-in hybrid version will be out in 2014.


Charged Up at the Cracker Barrel!


Cracker Barrel, home of sock monkeys, antique butter churns and chicken and dumplings, is bringing its Texas stores up to date with electric vehicle charging stations. And why not, since the original store had gas pumps, and patrons getting charged will have some time to kill. Where else are they going to go but into the restaurant? Texas doesn't have many EVs yet, but the market is growing.


The Tesla Model S: Preparing to Launch


Tesla Motors is just three weeks away from launching its all-new sedan, with twice the room and half the price of the celebrated Roadster. No test drive yet, but here's the sum of what we know.


The Miata's Second Coming: As an Alfa-Romeo


Mazda and Fiat are partnering to spin off a second Alfa-branded car off the all-new, back-to-basics 2013 MX-5 platform. The Miata is the best-selling two-seat sports car in history, largely because it's both fun and dead reliable. By marrying the two brands, we have the prospect of a problem-free roadster with an Italian soul and great, distinctive styling. Where do I sign up? On second thought, maybe I'll buy a good used Miata first.


Flying vs. Driving: It's Complicated


Actually, we know that flying is much safer than driving, though our minds refuse to process that information. When a plane crashes, we know about it. But what does it mean that last year's highway crashes were way down? With so many distracted drivers, it's not because we're obeying the rules of the road. Think safer cars and fewer miles traveled.


Wiring the World


Meet Idan Ofer, Israel’s wealthiest man, who pushes an ambitious plan to plug in the planet and save us from climate change, starting with switchable battery stations.


The Amazing World of Cargo Bikes


Bicycles aren’t for Sunday cruising anymore; now they’re hauling serious freight around Europe.


The Great Ethanol Debate: Food vs. Fuel?


Yes, but it’s complicated—climate change and high gas prices also figure into the skyrocketing cost of corn.


Battery Breakthroughs


Colorado’s Prieto Battery is poised to change the game for EVs with 400-mile range and fast charging, but it has to prove first that its technology works. Other companies are in the hunt, too.


Glitter, Glitz…and Fuel Economy


The 2012 New York International Auto Show proved that downsizing can be sexy. Even the Viper is watching its weight these days.


Back to the Future…Again


A Texas-based company plugs in the DeLorean, with Flux batteries instead of flux capacitors. Look for this 100-mile-range, $90,000 sizzler at the New York International Auto Show this week.


Running Out of Gas


With $4 fuel on the horizon, Americans are not only getting stranded, they’re also driving less. A majority of us want somebody to do something about pain at the pumps—but there aren’t a whole lot of options.


Super Models


True excitement comes at the one-sixth scale. Louis Chenot’s hobby of building super-precise tiny cars and boats that actually run will remind you of everything great about being a kid.


War Clouds Over a Green Campus


Between rocket attacks, Israel’s Ben Gurion University fulfills a remarkable environmental mission in one of the world’s harshest deserts.


The Big Battery Breakthrough


If Envia Systems’ claims are true, then EV packs will soon cost a fraction of what they do now. And that’s good news the embattled electric car industry needs.