Mid-Life Crisis Cars: Make Mine a Miata (But Americans Vote for Mustangs and Corvettes)


According to a new CarMax survey a quarter of Americans think they might buy a flashy car to get them through middle age. Women are into it, too. But, really, an SUV for a midlife crisis?


Cars are Safer Today, But Bigger Isn't Always Better


A victory against carnage on the roads: A new insurance industry survey cites systems like ABS brakes, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control for protecting Americans from fatalities, and it also names some winners and losers.


Winter Tires: Here's Why You Need Them


Remember when the first day of winter meant hauling out the snow tires? We've been fooled by "all-season radials" into thinking we don't need winter tires anymore, but who're we kidding?


Back to the Future with the Futurliner!


General Motors led the Parade of Progress with a dozen of these gorgeous streamliners from 1940 to 1956. Now they're worth millions, and the survivors are being restored.


In a Global Economy, "Buying American" is Kind of Complicated


Don't make assumptions: Sometimes it's U.S.-built cars from Japanese companies that have the most domestic content. And U.S. content means direct U.S. jobs--at least 1.5 million of them--from a resurgent auto industry.


Despite $2 Gas, Consumers Still Buy Fuel Economy


Bad gas mileage is the second-biggest reason car buyers reject cars they'd otherwise buy, says a new J.D. Power survey. So why is the Detroit show so enamored of huge horsepower?


Fuel Cells in Detroit: Hydrogen's Moment in the Sun


Four automakers--Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Mercedes--showed hydrogen-based cars at the North American International Auto Show. One even drives itself.


From Chevrolet in Detroit: Bolt or Volt, Your Choice


GM has freshened the 2016 Volt with 50 miles of all-electric range, and set off a buzz with the Bolt, an all-electric car, with 200 miles of range at $30,000. 


Wacky Concept Cars at the Great BIG CES Show


As rolling boomboxes and the ultimate mobile devices, cars at CES are deliciously over the top. It is Vegas, after all. 


A Sneak Peek at the New Chevy Volt


In Las Vegas, General Motors rolled back the curtain on a sleeker, more aerodynamic Volt that also features more electric range and a simplified dash design. Oh, and they jazzed up OnStar, too.


2014: The Year in Greenwashing


For heaven's sake, "hybrid" is not a magic word. Automakers embrace the environment and sustainability, but don't believe all the hype they dish out. Check the claims, the fuel-economy numbers and the bottom line carefully.


Driving Costa Rica's Wild and Wooly Dirt Roads


On Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, you're bouncing in the ruts as you dodge dogs, iguanas, suicidal birds, ATVs and dust clouds. Relief arrives in the form of the sticky molasses that gets sprayed on the roads.   


Classic Cars Are Better Investments Than Art, Real Estate and Wine


Don't buy an Andy Warhol drawing for a nest egg, buy an old Porsche instead. The collector car market is in something of a bubble right now, but you can take advantage of it.


Ford's Better Ideas: Improved SYNC, a New Focus RS and a Museum Tour


Jim Motavalli heads to Ford country, and finds a new pocket-rocket Focus, improved (thankfully!) SYNC, and a not-half-bad tour of the company museum.


Tesla's Model X Will Have Lots of German Competition


It's getting crowded at the expensive end of the market! The Model S had the field to itself, but the Model X will have to duke it out with a bunch of similar models, many of them from Europe.