BMW's i3 Electric Has Gala Global Launch Party


BMW is making a big show of launching its first-ever electric car (in New York, London and Beijing), and it promises to be hugely fun to drive. But is $41,000 a competitive price? 


Hyundai's Equus: Gunning for the Luxury Kingpins


Hyundai is currently selling only about 4,000 of its top model in special showrooms across America, but it's aggressively pushing the car as an affordable alternative to the top models from Germany and Japan. The Equus got a high-tech makeover for 2014.


Who'll Buy the Land Speed Record Jaguar?


British buyers might get more excited by this historic car, raced by Norman Dewis, that achieved 172 mph in 1953, but it's headed for the American auction circuit. 


The Hybrid Wars: Toyota vs. Ford


Toyota has been the undisputed king of hybrid sales in the U.S., but now Ford is hitting back hard with new models, fuel economy improvements and aggressive sales tactics.


Buick and BMW: Very Big in China


It was unthinkable until recently, but in 2013 two of the world's iconic automakers are selling more cars in China than anywhere else. Looking forward, Asia is the growth market.


Rich Salmon: The Man With the 100,000th Electric Car


This Grand Bay, Alabama resident won the milestone Plug In America contest, which tracked EVs sold between May 15 and June 15. The counter is still going, and now 114,000 electric cars have been sold nationwide. Are you the next sale?


Stellar Car Sales in June: It's Back to 2007


The auto industry is on track to sell 16 million cars in 2013, which is quite a comeback from the dark days of 2008, when high gas prices and a banking crisis conspired to keep people off the lots.