The Big EV Crapshoot


Early sales of electric cars haven’t been stellar, but it’s far too soon to write an obit. If gas prices spike, all bets are off—and when you throw in wild cards like regulation, charging networks, incentives and competition from China, it makes predicting the future a real challenge.


Cars We'd Love to Buy (But Can't)


The American consumer is thought to love big clumsy cars, so some of the most interesting international offerings never make it to our shores. Look what we’re missing!


We CAN Drive 54.5


Cleaner cars will hit the road by 2025, and the Obama Administration makes it official. It’s all good, but there are some pesky loopholes to worry about.


Ford, Its Sync System Under Attack, Plans an Emergency Fix


Let's give a thought to auto audio. In the early days of motoring, the gas engine was so loud it's unlikely that any motorist could have heard a car radio, even if the electronics of the period were up to the task.


Copper Theft: Are EV Charging Stations the Next Target?


Copper thieves cost the nation as much as $1 billion a year, and the electric grid infrastructure is one of their biggest targets. What's going to happen when copper-rich charging cables for public EV charging stations are located out in plain sight?