Flying Cars: They're Closer Than You Think


The flying car has been around as long as the automobile--did Leonardo Da Vinci sketch one? Nobody's ever been able to make a business out of it, but Terrafugia is making great strides. And leaping tall buildings in a single bound.


Electric Cars Need "Corridors," Just Like the Big Cats


Networks of EV chargers 40 to 60 miles apart will turn electric cars into long-distance travelers. The west coast is going to get hooked up first, but the pace is accelerating all over the country.


Fixing Electric Cars: Will the Bill Be Big?


There isn't much data yet on how much it costs to repair crashed EVs, but got hit with a big bill when its Volt was in a fender bender.


Where the EV Revolution Should Start: With FedEx, UPS and Wal-Mart


Big delivery companies have central garages that are perfect for charging EVs. They want to be green. But so far it's happened only in small volumes, largely because of price premiums that can total $30,000. FedEx has a novel solution: Smaller batteries, shorter ranges, and cheaper trucks.