Cellulosic Ethanol: Corn's Cleaner (and Better) Cousin


Corn ethanol never made any sense, either economically or environmentally. Congress is finally killing corn ethanol subsidies, but it shouldn't abandon ethanol entirely. Made from the fiber of plants and with a really good energy balance, cellulosic ethanol is the better alternative.


The Little EV That Couldn't: High Prices Lead Think into Bankruptcy


The Think electric car has been through four bankruptcies, but this one looks terminal. There's a lesson in this--start-up EVs priced higher than volume leaders like the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf are going to have a tough time in the marketplace.


The Cat Fight Over the Fuel Economy Rules: Would 62 mpg Bankrupt Detroit?


Automakers and environmentalists are in a battle royal over not just a federal fuel economy standard (greens want 62 mpg, the industry will settle for 47) but over how it will affect future sales.


IBM's Watson, a Jeopardy Champ, Could Deliver Natural Voice Recognition That Actually Works


From a perch in the cloud, Watson-like supercomputers could offer solutions for clueless drivers, including finding that sushi restaurant whose name you forgot, or that song by the guy who sounds kind of like Bob Dylan.


No C-Minus Cars but the New Window Stickers Are Revealing Anyway


The new fuel economy window stickers are out, minus the big, fat letter grades that would have made it especially easy for consumers. But at least the replacements have plenty of other information.