The biggest threat from plug in vehicles


There’s something special about getting up at 4:15 a.m. I’m lucky enough to be a work-at-home green car blogger with no set schedule, so I never see that time of day unless I set my clock wrong. But this year’s Detroit Auto Show was a busy, busy affair. So busy, in fact, that during the first ...


Oh My Aching Feet: Two Days on the Floor at the Detroit Auto Show


Tramping around Cobo Hall is sure to wear out shoe leather, but it also offers a chance to uncover some green nuggets. And here it is, my highlight reel with just the good parts.


The Consumer Electronics Show: Fancy Hardware, Driver Distraction...and Artichokes


The Consumer Electronics Show includes the latest in sophisticated in-car electronics. It's wonderful, cutting-edge stuff, but driver distraction remains an issue (despite voice commands and other innovations). And what's with those artichokes?