Lessons from the Los Angeles Auto Show: Bring a Wetsuit for the Mermaids


Deep thoughts from the floor of LA's greenest auto conclave: fast charging is important, startups have visibility problems, flashy isn't always best, we're finally saving gas, letter grades for 39 cars, and LA swimming pools can be cold in November.


Americans Like EVs, But Don't Want to Pay Extra for Them


A new Consumer Reports poll of American car owners show they are increasingly friendly toward electric and hybrid cars, but don't want to pay more for them. That's a problem, because high battery costs means they are indeed more expensive. A small compact EV? $30,000.


Turnabout Is Fair Play: Car Talk's Auto-Related Practical Jokes


What is life without a few good-natured practical jokes? Here's a few from the Car Talk collection, all of them involving automobiles. Note that the best ones go back 60 years or more. A good joke never dies, it just gets played on someone else.