Are the EV Buyers Out There? Watch What they Do, Not What They Say.


People sometimes say one thing and do another when it comes to buying cars. They love fuel economy, but they also love seven seats, huge towing capacity and not having to pay more than they're already paying. What does this say about the prospects for EVs?


A Chinese Car in Your Future? Yes, if They Fix the Big Safety Problems.


Chinese-made cars have faced persistent quality issues, but the country is now the world's largest auto market, and its major manufacturers are determined to make a dent in the western world. Why not? We buy everything else from the Chinese.


Dirty Power, Clean Cars: Even From Coal, EVs are Cleaner


Electric cars charged from a coal-heavy grid are still 30 to 40 percent cleaner than the average internal combustion car. And that means a coal-fired EV is still about on par with a Prius.