A Johnny Appleseed for Solar "Trees" and "Groves"


It's a no-brainer: The seas of barren asphalt we devote to cars can bloom with solar car charging--and provide shade at the same time. Throw away that cardboard sun shade!


Volts Wagens: Old Bugs go from Gross Polluters to EV Stars


The mid-60s VW Beetle was a green icon in its day, but in terms of smog it's a gross polluter even when compared to a Hummer. So converting old Bugs to electric drive turns out to be a great idea.


Heavy Metal: Reclaiming End-of-Life Cars


Americans talk a good game about recycling, but the Europeans are way ahead of our blue bins--they're making manufacturers (including carmakers) responsible for their waste. We're starting to get the message over here, though. When your car is junked, 80 percent of it is recovered, but we can do better. The technology exists to reclaim the last 20 percent--plastics and seat foam