Pickup truck driving through rain
Sep 12, 2017

Car Carnage: Harvey, Irma, and the Pitfalls for Auto Owners

Jim Motavalli

Katrina destroyed 600,000 cars, Harvey may take out 500,000, and the Irma toll is yet unknown. Here's how to avoid buying one of those clunkers.

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Sep 08, 2017

Reviving the Rust Belt: Detroit Comes Back, With Self-Driving Cars

Jim Motavalli

Autonomous vehicle technology is front and center in Detroit and the Motor City is learning some new tricks.

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Amish buggy traveling on road
Sep 01, 2017

The Amish Don't Drive RVs. But That Doesn't Mean They Won't Build Them.

Jim Motavalli

The Amish don't drive, but these hard-working Hoosiers are doing quite well making recreational vehicles for "the English."


The Tasco, designed by Gordon Buehrig
Aug 31, 2017

Ahead of Their Time: The Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Story

Jim Motavalli

E.L. Cord launched innovative luxury cars at exactly the wrong time--the Great Depression. Celebrate these great marques in Auburn, Indiana this weekend.

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A 1928 Porter Roadster. star of "My Mother the Car"
Aug 30, 2017

TV Star Cars Highlight a Labor Day Auction

Jim Motavalli

Remember Mannix and My Mother the Car? These original cars, and many more, will be up for sale at the Dragone Auction September 3. Tell us which one you'd buy (if money were no option)!

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Chevrolet Cruze diesel
Aug 29, 2017

General Motors Doubles Down on Diesels

Jim Motavalli

Despite VW poisoning the waters, GM is fielding diesel Equinox and Cruze models, and citing their manifold benefits. But will buyers bite?

diesel Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Equinox 2017

Buick Regal with deforming hood for pedestrian safety
Aug 14, 2017

Pedestrians: If You're Going to be Hit by an American Car, Make Sure it's a Buick Regal

Jim Motavalli

The U.S. has lagged behind Europe and Japan on pedestrian safety, but now things are looking up. Buick is introducing a safer hood on the 2018 Regal.

safety features Buick Regal 2017

Aug 03, 2017

The Tesla Model 3 Arrives, With Elon's Superlatives

Jim Motavalli

The Tesla Model 3, just unveiled, will be the best car in its class by a mile, sport batteries made in the second-largest free-standing structure in the world, and built in a factory that will be pumping out 20,000 cars a month by the end of 2017. Or so says Mr. Musk.

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Formula e race car
Jul 21, 2017

Formula E Battery Car Racing Invades New York

Jim Motavalli

For the first time, electric car racing took place on the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The event sold out, and the cars are coming back. Next step, electrifying the world's auto fleets.

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The Volvo SX90 Plug-In Hybrid
Jul 07, 2017

Volvo’s Bombshell: All-Electric and Plug-In Hybrid by 2019

Jim Motavalli

Volvo is plugging in its entire fleet over the next two years, and France is banning gas/diesel cars by 2040.

electric vehicles auto industry regulation