When Industry Says It Can't Be Done That's When You Know It Can


By the time Anthony Weiner got around to avowing recently that the content of any texts he sent minor females was not "indecent" was there anyone still inclined to take his word for it? That's the way I feel when I hear the American automobile industry howl with pain over their own dire prophesies when discussing proposed fuel economy regulations.


The Great New York City Taxi Caper


When New York City launched a contest, "A Taxi of Tomorrow," in 2007, the predominant cab on its streets was the Ford Crown Victoria, a large, gas-slurping piece of retro-tech with roots dating back to the 1970s.


David E. Davis, Jr: Guns, Whiskey and the Inalienable Rights of Children


What could be a more fitting tribute to David E. Davis, Jr. than smoking a Dominican cigar in a Chevrolet?  Jamie Kitman and Bruce McCall pay homage to the late "Dean of Modern Automotive Journalism".


I Can't Hear You: I've Got a Smartphone in My Ear (Oh, and I'm Eating, Reading and Driving)


The very first precept of good driving is: Keep your eyes on the road. Yet the modern explosion in so-called smart phones has too many of us attempting to watch the road with one eye, while following the stock market, route guidance system, instant fuel economy readout and salty e-mail threads with the other.


Don't Like Government Regulation? How'd You Like Another Pinto?


September 11th: A day that lives in infamy for more reasons than one. Thirty-one years to the day before the vicious attack that took so many lives on this date in New York City in 2001, the Ford Motor Co. introduced the Pinto.


Hold the Rubber: Why Big Tires Are No Fun


As a car tester I pretty much drive the biggest, baddest rubber of all time -- all the time. Low, wide and fat, I put my life in their care at some point most every day.


VW Sales Plans


When our five-year-old daughters tell us they plan on growing up to be the president of the United States, we smile. When teenaged children tell us as much, we begin worrying.


So Many People, So Many Cars


Seven years ago, Shanghai -- China’s most populous city and historically one of its least car-friendly -- began banning bicycles on many of its largest thoroughfares, to better facilitate the passage of motor vehicle traffic, including the metropolis' burgeoning fleet of private cars.


About Jamie Kitman


Jamie Kitman’s personality was evidently arrested at the age of 12, for though he was trained as a lawyer (and remains a member of the New York and New Jersey bars), he earns his living writing about cars and managing the careers of rock musicians.