Riding Shirty


Just because you're on a bike doesn't mean you own the road. What is it about riding a bicycle that brings out the self-righteous creep in so many of my fellow New Yorkers?


Vulgarians at the Gate: The Revenge of the Super Utes


Luxury SUVs: They're vulgar, they're pricey and they're selling like hotcakes.


Lost in the Land of Lincoln


“My wife and I are looking for a non-descript automobile from a deeply damaged luxury brand, preferably based on an obsolete Mazda6 platform. What can you do for us?”


So You Want to Buy an Old Car? (I Know I Do)


Being too busy to write the book, The Sixteen Essential Habits of Old Car Whoredom, I offer here as many tips for buying old cars. Don’t bother sending me your thanks...checks and wire transfers will do nicely.


The Lost Art of Backing Up


Remember when you had to turn around to look behind you? Thanks in good measure to the jacked-up behemoths that began to roam the land en masse in the ‘Nineties, it’s become a largely futile practice.


The Long-Term Fallout from Short-Term Thinking


There’s a reason continual growth is so elusive -- it’s an evolutionary non-starter. Everything must come to an end. So why do car companies continue to chase the impossible dream of eternal earnings ecstasy?


On the Joys and Dangers of Being Swedish


Volvos were once thought to be safe, long-lasting and fuel efficient. What happened?


The Dodge Dart Rides Again


Hey, Tom and Ray, are you sitting down? Maybe you better. I've just returned from the Detroit Auto Show where I caught a glimpse of the first real progeny of the Fiat-Chrysler marriage.


Christmastime for the Telecommunications Industry


Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause. Just ask the telecoms of the world who are rejoicing in the surprise overruling of the NTSB's recommendation to ban the use of cell phones in cars by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.


The Compleat Guide to the Electric Car Movies of Chris Paine


Who killed the electric car? Chris Paine's 2006 documentary of the same name made the case that General Motors had more than a little something to do with it.  In his latest film, The Revenge of the Electric Car, Paine depicts the most recent chapters in today's modern EV saga.


Leaving the Leaf: When Anxiety Becomes Anger


What's the biggest problem with electric cars? As any blow-dried TV anchorman or ordinarily intelligent house cat can tell you, it's lack of range. Because once you run out of juice, there's literally no going back.


Still Fond of Honda, But Someone Please Call the Bullpen


Man, Honda has had a tough year. The Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami limited production and choked supply of its redesigned Civic, just when the company needed a hit new model.


A Short History of the Modern Van


To think that the surrender monkeys of France are driving around in vans superior to that of my van-driving brethren here in America burns my deep-fried, artificially flavored, apple pie pride. Of course, we have no one to blame but American industry.


The Sorcerer’s Failed Apprentice


Guess who's getting on a Pittsburgh-bound plane to both root for his beloved Pirates, and pick up a Ford Anglia for a 400 mile drive home to New York? By the time you read this, I may well have broken down a dozen times or more in what may be one of the slowest, least capable cars known to man.


You Shouldn't Trust Your Car to the Men Who Wore the Star


If you're the sort of person who stopped filling up at BP stations after the Gulf Horizon disaster, here's hoping you're not shopping for gasoline at Chevron, owner of Texaco, instead.