The water balloon theory of driver distraction...


Remember that summer pastime of filling balloons with water and then tossing them at each other to keep cool on hot afternoons. One thing about a water balloon, if you push on one side, it will squish out somewhere else until it bursts.


What happens when technology fails us?


If you think technology will deliver us from driver distraction, just watch this video of a Volvo crash test! The pedestrian avoidance system was designed by Volvo to detect and avoid hitting a pedestrian thereby improving pedestrian safety.


Greetings from the National Distracted Driving Summit


I just returned from the National Distracted Driving Summit in Washington DC. Here is my take on things...


Yikes! Social networking behind the wheel.


A story in the Seattle Times on September 8th indicates that GM is working on updates to their OnStar system that would allow the driver to update their status on Facebook as well as listen to Facebook messages.