Today: Why Not Use Fuel-Saving System All The Time?


Emmanuel's new car has an "Active ECO System" option that he can turn on and off manually. It improves fuel efficiency, so why isn't in automatically on? Car Talk explains, right here.


What to Check on a 10 Year Old Inherited Car?


John's grandaughter is coming to live with him and she's bringing a inherited car with 100K miles on it. He wants to make sure this car is in good shape. What should he have his mechanic check out?


Career Advice: How to Become a Professional Driver


Scott sees a lot of car ads that warn "Professional Driver: Do Not Try This." He wants to know: How can he train to become a professional driver?


Will In-Car Tech Last as Long as the Car?


Jose is new car shopping. He likes to keep his cars for at least ten years, but he's worried that all the new safety tech won't last as long as the actual car. What's Car Talk's take? Find out here.


True or False: It's OK to Start Car With Accessories Turned On


Dear Car Talk: Is it harmful to start the car if the air conditioner, radio, etc., have been left in the "on" position?


Should Ken Get the Hybrid?


Ken loves his old Highlander Hybrid, and is ready to replace it with another but he's not sure the cost justifies the gas savings right now. Car Talk's advice right here.


What's Causing Car to Stay Cool?


Catherine's 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee appears to be running cold. What does Car Talk suggest? Find out here.


Josh's Engine is Misfiring and He's Got Questions.


Boy does he have questions. What does it mean that cylinders are misfiring? And what is bank 1? And why is the check engine light flashing?Car Talk explains, right here.


Can Car Talk Help Cheryl Get Some Sleep?


Cheryl suspects that one of her neighbors has a malfunctioning car alarm. Every night it beeps about six times and wakes her and her husband up. Can Car Talk solve the mystery of the midnight beeping?


Today: Fix for a Leaky Sunroof?


Sharon replaced the leaky sunroof in her Toyota RAV4 two years ago. Now she's hearing water in the roof again. Can she dry out the roof? Or does Car Talk have a better idea? Find out.


What's Causing Gas Smell at Stoplights?


Dan's car is running just fine, but he's been noticing the smell of gasoline when idling at stoplights. The mechanic hasn't been able to replicate the problem. Car Talk's advice for detecting the source of the leak, right here.


Today: Will Daily Garage Ramp Driving Wear Tires Unevenly?


From the Department of Theoretical Automotive Physics, Rodney wonders if all the right turns he makes on his daily drive to the fifth floor of his work's parking garage will cause his tires to wear unevenly. Car Talk's answer here.


Today: Acceptable Substitutions for Transmission Fluid?


Marc wants to substitute tractor hydraulic fluid for the recommended Dextron trasmission fluid his car takes. Can Car Talk talk him out of this harebrained idea?


So Hard to Say Goodbye . . .


Phil wants Car Talk to help him preserve the life of his 1990 Ford Ranger, which leaks and burns oil, smells like coolant, and the chassis, shocks and gas lines are almost rusted through. Is Phil delusional?


Did Outside Storage Cause Rotors to Warp?


Galen's car was recalled for airbags and during the two-month wait for the repair, it sat outside the dealership. When he picked it up, he found his brake rotors were warped. Was exposure to the elements to blame? Car Talk thinks there's another explanation.