Laura's One Year Car


Laura's family needs a second car so she can do research for her dissertation, but she only plans to keep it for a year. Should she buy or lease? Car Talk's advice here.


Today: Six is the New Eight


Bruce is buying a new car and wonders if a six cylinder Buick will deliver the same performance he got out of his eight cylinder Grand Marquis. Car Talk's cylinder math, right here.


Good Scanner for Shade Tree Mechanic?


Larry recently bought an OBDII/CAN scanner for $25. Should he have shelled out for a fancier model? Car Talk's answer, right here.


Did Dana's Strut Fix Itself?


Dana recently broke a strut on a bad road. It came loose and was hanging down. A few days later, she loo'ked again, and the broken part was upright and in place again. What's going on here?


Is it OK to Use Snow Tires Year Round?


Over the winter, Leeanita got a Nissan Rogue that came with brand new snow tires. She loves the way they handle. Can she keep them on year-round? Car Talk's advice right here.


To Dump or Not to Dump: The Mechanic Who Didn't Call


Would you stick with a mechanic who performed a $1000+ service without your permission? What if he's done great work for you in the past, even for free? That's Jeff's question to Car Talk today. Our advice, right here.


Today: Why Does the Sunroof Open When the Doors Unlock?


When Kathy uses the key fob to unlock her doors, the windows and sunroof open too. Is this an electrical problem? Or is it more of a "failure to read the owner's manual" problem?


Best Ride for a Water Buffalo? How About a Pygmy Goat?


Carey needs a replacement for the 1998 Toyota RAV4 that's been faithfully transporting a menagerie of water buffalos, pygmy goats, dogs, and retired racehorses for years. What does Car Talk recommend?


Today: Skip the Game of Ball Joint Roulette


Pam's hearing a banging, popping and creaking sound from her front driver's side wheel on her Mazda6. Does she need to replace the ball joints or just the bushing? Car Talk's answer right here.


To Fix or Not to Fix: The Plastic Bumper


Today: Car Talk hears from Kathy who scraped off a piece of her bumper on a icy snow bank in her driveway this past winter. The repair is expensive so she's wondering if it's necessary. Our advice, right here.


What's the Lifespan of a Spare Tire?


Gordon wants to put a bike rack on his 14 year old RAV-4, but he'd have to remove the tire cover to do so. Will this impact the life of his spare? Car Talk's advice, right here.


Which Brakes Have Most Gripping Power?


James wants to get the brake pads with the best grip and doesn't care about noise or brake dust. What should he buy? 


What Happened to All the Dead Bugs?


Bill has been driving for 50 years and he thinks he's seeing fewer and fewer dead bugs on his windshield. Car Talk explains, right here. 


Today: Diagnose Those Dials


Patricia's temperature and clock dials only work when the car is fully loaded. When the car is light and empty, neither works. Find out what Car Talk thinks may be happening, right here.


How Much Would You Pay to Fix "Annoying"?


Ken's car makes a clicking sound when the AC is on the coldest setting. The problem is gate motor but the fix involves taking out the entire dash. What does Car Talk recommend?