Hailstorm Dents: Is This Repair Necessary?


A hailstorm dented Dan's family cars. The repairs are covered by his insurance company, but Dan wants Tom and Ray's blessing to keep the dents and use the money for something else. Can dents be dangerous, or is this repair optional? 


What Caused Kathi's Surprise Breakdown?


Kathi's used Honda Civic just experienced a major breakdown, and neither Kathi's mechanic nor the the previous owner's mechanic is willing to accept the blame. Can she get one of them to 'fess up? 


Today: Cheap Sales Tactic for Prius Tires?


George's Prius needs low-rolling-resistance tires, and his Toyota dealer insists buying the tires from anywhere esle would compromise his gas mileage. Is his dealer full of you-know-what? Find out, and learn more than you ever wanted to know about these special tires.


Tractor Talk? Will Needs Help With His Vintage Tractor


Will's 1945 Farmall-A tractor stalls on hills and he wants to figure out why. Tom and Ray admit to knowing nothing about tractors, but not knowing the answer has never stopped them before! Is Will about to get subjected to some totally bogus theories, or can Tom and Ray pull it off this time?


Today: Mechanic-Approved Thank You Gifts


Mary's mechanic is helping her sell her used Subaru and she wants to do something to show her appreciation. Tom and Ray recommend mechanic-approved thank-you gifts.


Today: Can Robert Trust His VW Dealer?


Robert's wife narrowly avoided an accident caused by the negligence of their Volkswagon dealer. Even though the dealer 'fessed up and claims to have fixed the problem with the Passat, she's still skittish. Can they trust that the dealer got it right this time?


Ron's Leaving His Wife -- For His Cars


Ron's wife gave him an ultimatum: her or the antique car collection. After 5 seconds of soul searching, Ron chose the cars. Can Tom and Ray save this marriage? (And why should they bother?)


The End is Near for Paul's Ford Taurus


Paul's Ford Taurus is about to kick the bucket and he and his girfriend want a prognosis. Can Tom and Ray break the bad news gently? 


Creative Ideas for Feeding Your Teenage Boy


This mom is spending a fortune keeping her hugnry teenage son in after-school snacks. She wants Tom and Ray's opinion on a car-cuisine idea that's so crazy it just might work.


Another Clutch Bites the Dust in Mark's Kia


Mark's Kia has burned through three clutches in eight months. Mark swears he knows how to drive. Is there something wrong with his car?


Patrick's Audi Failed Inspection: Should He Sell?


Patrick's 2001 Audi needs a new catalytic converter but the cost of the repair nearly equals the value of the car. Tom and Ray think it might be worth it to fix the car in this case. Find out why right here.


Who's Setting Lisa's Clock Forward?


The clock in LIsa's Volvo is chronically fast. Is someone trying to send her a message about punctuality, or does she need to make a trip to the dealer for a new clock?


Is Gentle Braking Better?


Mary always brakes gradually because she thinks this saves wear and tear on the car. Her daughter wonders why she bothers. Who's right?


Did Randy Get Ripped Off?


Randy's mechanic charged him for three times for three separate diagnostic scans in one trip to the shop. Is this dishonest or just bad customer service?


Today: Why a Dog Shouldn't Be Your Co-Pilot


Who's training who? Yvonne's son's 60-pound golden retreiver loves to ride in the front passenger seat, but Tom and Ray think this is a bad idea. Find out why right here.