Today: Weed-Whacker Gas in Honda Accord?


Jeff has some leftover oil-gas mixture from his weed-whacker that he can't store over the winter. He wonders if it's safe to use to fuel his Honda Accord. Find out what Tom and Ray suggest, right here.


Old Snow Tires and New Math


Paul traded in his Prius for a new one in the spring. His mechanic says it's safe to use his old snow tires, but since there's a tiny size difference, it will affect the accuracy of the odometer and speedometer.


Help for Sue's Sister's Sandy-Soaked Cars


Sue wants to help her sister's family. Their cars were hit by Hurricane Sandy and though the cars are running fine at the moment, their mechanic says the electrical system is wrecked. Is this right? Tom and Ray explain what can go wrong when an electrical system gets wet.


Peter's Prius-Repelling Driveway


Peter's driveway is cut steep and all his Prius-driving friends scrape their cars on the curb when they stop by. He's shopping for a new car and would love to get a Prius for himself, but worries about scraping the car on the sidewalk every day.


Today: Shirley's Husband's Terrible Advice


Shirley's husband says she can get better traction if she "wiggles" the steering wheel when she takes corners, especially when driving in rain and snow. On a scale of one to completely bogus, how bad is this advice?


Gayle's Not Ready to be Married to a Geezer


Gayle's active, fit and busy husband has started driving like a geezer. He's not yet 70 but he's already driving 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. Can Tom and Ray help or are they too far gone themselves?


Shake, Rattle, Roll and Hand Over Your Wallet


Kyle's Toyota Tundra makes a loud noise when driven between 22 and 45 mph. The local mechanics and the dealership are totally stumped.Tom and Ray advise Kyle to hold onto his wallet "tightly and dearly" for the news is not great.


To Garage or Not to Garage


Can Tom and Ray settle a dispute between Evelyn and her boyfriend? He says keeping the car in a garage shortens the life of the car. But Evelyn is pro-garage. She thinks it's good for the car. Who's right?


Does Computer Re-Flashing Really Do Anything?


Dan's local auto repair shop has offered to "re-flash" his car's computer. Leaving aside the scandalous name, is this a valuable service? Find out what Tom and Ray have to say on the subject of flashing, right here.


Today: Luke's Hot Texas Tour


Luke's band's tour van is having major AC problems. Nine guys plus one hot van plus one Texas tour equals one pretty stinky situation. Can Tom and Ray succeed where other mechanics have failed and figure out what's causing this?


Should Toyota Pay for New Steering Column?


Dennis's daughter-in-law is having trouble with her Toyota Corolla. At 40,000 miles, the steering wheel fell off. Could this have been her fault? And if not, who should pay? Get Tom and Ray's opinion, right here.


Today: Hybrid Advice for Super-Commuters


Thought your commute was bad? John drives 310 miles round trip and it's finally time to replace his trusty Prius. He's looking for something with comparable gas mileage that can go the distance. Find out what Tom and Ray recommend, right here.


Who's to Blame When the Battery Dies?


Sarah's son listens to the radio in the car while the engine is off, but Sarah worries this will drain the battery. Her son says that his friends do this all the time and haven't killed a battery yet. Will Tom and Ray back Sarah up?


Today: Should Threat of Breakdown Stop Trip?


Zach's dad wants to take the boys on a road trip in his vintage Studebaker, but their mom worries that they'll break down. Tom and Ray say, mom's right, but they should take the trip anyway! Can they help Zach can convince his mom that breaking down is part of the adventure?


Lana's Cruise Control Conflict


Another couple seeks the marriage counselling services of Tom and Ray. Lana and her husband disagree about the proper use of the cruise control. Can Tom and Ray settle this dispute amicably?