Click and Clack, Marriage Counselors


Cat needs Tom and Ray to settle a dispute that she and her husband are having about the parking brake. She sets the brake when the car is already in park; he applies the brake, then shifts to park. What's the right way to do it? And can this marriage survive?


Today: Help Dave Choose a New Car


Dave is buying a new car and he needs something that is good for daily commuting, but one that can also occasionally tow a pair of Jet Skis. Tom and Ray think there are several vehicles that can handle both situations. Find out what they recommend, right here.  


I Dream of Timing Belts?


Today: Is Kate's father visiting her from beyond the grave to remind her to get her car serviced? Tom and Ray analyze Kate's recent dream and offer advice about when to change a timing belt, right here. 


Paging Miss Manners: Parking Etiquette


Duane wants Tom and Ray's advice for how to stop his neighbor from parking in front of his house on the "technically" public street. Tom and Ray offer some tips for successful neighborly negotiations. Who's the jerk in this situation? Read Tom and Ray's advice and tell us what you think. 


Today: Lightning vs. Town Car


Shannon suspects that her uncle's car was struck by lightning because after a recent thunderstorm, the headlights refused to turn off. Tom and Ray explain what she can look for to confirm her diagnosis, and what kind of repairs her uncle can expect. 


Today: Is Bill's Dealer Charging Too Much?


Bill's Subaru needs a new timing belt, and the dealer is asking twice what his local mechanic wants for the job. Tom and Ray say there may be more to this story than meets the eye. 


Today: Richard's Smooth Ride


Richard says the ride in his Lexus is not quite smooth enough, so he makes a practice of driving with underinflated tires. His brother says this is dangerous! Tom and Ray side with Richard's brother. Find out why, right here. 


Is Favorite Safe Car Post-Collision?


Phil's Honda Fit was sandwiched between a big Jeep and an even bigger mini-van during a recent rear-end collision. The insurance repaired the car but Phil wonders if they should be worried. Find out how Tom and Ray would check for structural damage, right here.


Should Phil Flush His Focus?


Phil's mechanic says his heater core is clogged but flushing the system could cause major damage. Tom and Ray disagree. Find out why, right here.


Today: Shade-Tree Mechanics Club?


John wants to start a DIY garage. Can Tom and Ray talk him out of it? Plus, the guys reveal details from their own experiences owning a DIY garage in years gone by. 


Grace's Neon Doesn't Know When to Quit


Grace's Dodge Neon won't turn off, even after the key is removed from the engine. Her mechanic replaced the ignition cylinder but now he's stumped. Will Tom and Ray have good suggestions for Grace?


Today: All About Brake Pads


Jared just got his brakes replaced and his mechanic convinced him to buy ceramic brake pads. Now he wonders if these pads are as good as his mechanic says they are. Tom and Ray explain the history of brake pads and what's the best kind on the road today. 


Today: Dottie's Oily Inheritance


Dottie's dad did a lot of his own car repair. Problem is, he didn't have a way to dispose of the used oil and other fluids. So, he left them in a 55 gallon drum in the garage, and it's all still there, 30 years later.


To the Junkyard!


Jamie's wife's car runs great, but it is a complete mess on the inside and he wants to replace the interior on the cheap. Tom and Ray offer advice about sourcing quality parts from the junkyard, plus a word of caution about cats and cuban cigars. (It's relevant, we promise!) 


Headlight Trouble? Just Pound On the Hood


Steve's headlight is acting up, but he discovered that if he smacks the top of the hood the light will reliably turn on and stay on. Can Tom and Ray explain what's causing this, and whether or not Steve can trust this as a long term solution?