Down the Rabbit Hole


Who pays when a mechanic goes down the rabbit hole? Car Talk weighs in on whether Danny's mechanic should refund him for a misdiagnosis. 


Whack It With a Hammer!


Mike's truck wouldn't start until a mechanic walking by suggested he hit the gas tank with a hammer. This dubious advice actually worked, and now Mike wants to know why. Car Talk explains, here.


The Noble Art of Goofing Off


James restores classic cars for fun and his neighbor recently thanked him for "preserving our automotive heritage."  This was news to James who thought he was just goofing around in the garage. Are goofing off and acting nobly mutually exclusive? Car Talk weighs in, here. 


Is Cecelia's Mechanic Aboveboard on Gasket Replacement?


Cecelia's mechanic says he has to remove her entire windshield to replace a damaged gasket. Is this correct? Find out here, plus Car Talk's advice for how she can make this repair a bit less painful. 


Teen Drivers: You Are Being Watched


John is teaching his nephew how to drive wants to buy a speed inhibiting device, like the kind used in commercial fleets. The problem? Nobody seems to make these for the Honda Civic. Car Talk has another idea: An electric nanny to make sure the kid knows he's being watched. 


A Wellspring of Misinformation!


Today: Marc's dealership told him that if he wants to avoid getting stuck on ice in his front-wheel drive Nissan Altima, he should always make sure to park with his right tires on the dry pavement. Is this how front-wheel drive cars work, or does his dealer have his head up his differential?


What's the Deal With Nitrogen-Filled Tires?


Clem bought a Subaru Outback with nitrogen-filled tires and now she's wondering what to do if she gets a flat in the middle of nowhere and the nearest shop just has regular air. What's the real story with nitrogen-filled tires? Car Talk's take right here.  


Hit it With a Rock: DIY Repairs


Mike's truck wouldn't start and a mechanic of a mechanic passing by suggested he hit the fuel-pump with a hammer while someone else tried to start the car. Can Car Talk explain why this method works and whether he still needs to replace the fuel-pump?


Does a Faster Engine Equal a Faster Battery Charge?


Today: Chris heard that you can recharge your battery faster by running your engine faster. Is this true? Car Talk weighs in, right here. 


Is it OK to Disconnect the Battery for Eight Months?


Vinnie has a Subaru Outback that he only uses for winter driving. He wonders if it's OK to disconnect the battery and leave it sitting for eight months out of the year. Car Talk's answer, right here. 


Time to Feed the Guppies?


Kathleen wants to know why there's a warning light on her mom's minivan that looks like a yellow-orange fishbowl. Our verdict? Bad icon design. Now Car Talk wants to know: What do you see?


David vs. Neighbor: Who's Right?


David lets his neighbor park in his spare garage. The problem? The neighbor likes to warm up the car, with the door closed. Will Car Talk tell him to cut it out?


Today: Outsmarted by Your Car?


Steven was outsmarted by his car and Car Talk is both proud and ashamed of him. Find out why, right here


Today: Who Should Pay Mary's Repair Bill?


Mary's engine failed at 10,000 miles, and her dealer says they'll cover all the repairs, except $500. Mary thinks she shouldn't pay a dime because the car was under warranty when she brought it in. Will Car Talk back her up? 


Buying Advice for Mark: Used Pickup Trucks


Mark's in the market for a used pick-up truck and wants to know how far back he can safely go to get a decent Chevy, Ford or Dodge with the modern amenities... you know, fuel-injection and electronic ignition.