Worn Out Hinges?


What's wrong with Danny's hinges?


Extended Warranties: Worth the Extra Cash?


Should Karl get the extended warranty on his new Fiat 500C? Tom and Ray explain how extended warranties work and when it's a good idea to shell out the extra money for one. 


The $1K Headlight Job


Kyle just paid $1113 to replace the headlight in his Acura RL. Is this the price of owning a high-end car or did Kyle just get hosed?


The Cheapskate's Guide to Quieter Cars


Winson wonders why more expensive cars are so much quieter. He can't afford a Mercedes he's hoping there's something he can install in his Camry to tone down the road noises. Tom and Ray's advice, right here.


Is Braking Etiquette Different for Hybrids and EVs?


John has always hated those drivers who race to the stoplight and then slam on the brakes. It wastes gas and doesn't save any time. But for electric or hybrid cars with regenerative braking, is this really such a stupid maneuver? Find out what Tom and Ray say, right here.  


Today: The Window That Wouldn't Quit


Guy's power window motor just won't quit--even when the window is fully closed. Can Tom and Ray help Guy out before he loses the rest of his fingertips? Find out right here.


Mazda3 MPG: USA vs. UK


Robert was pretty excited about the 32 mpg his Mazda3 was getting until he talked to his brother-in-law in England, who told him that the U.K. version of this car gets almost twice that. Is Mazda holding out on us, or is there more to this story? 


Valve Clearance Adjustments: Necessary Service or Dealership Scam?


John's Honda dealer says it's time for the valve clearance adjustment on his 2006 Honda Element. Do Tom and Ray recommend this service? Find out right here. 


Retired Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Lana has been loyal to reliable, affordable cars her whole life. Now that she's retired, she's thinking about getting something a bit more fun but she's afraid the repair bills might send her into shock. Can Tom and Ray recommend something that fits the bill? 


Today: Hurricane Under the Hood?


Devin's Volvo 850 GLT is making a sound like there's a hurricane under the hood. Will Tom and Ray be able to solve this one or should Devin consult a meteorologist? Find out right here.


Should Lars Take the Free Engine?


Acura has offered Lars a brand new engine in the hopes that it will fix his current car's oil guzzling problem. The car has no other issues. Should he accept Acura's offer? Tom and Ray's question to Lars: What are you waiting for?


A Little Night Music


The radio in Dennis's truck is turning itself on and off, even when the truck is parked and turned off overnight. Dennis suspects battery corrosion. Will Tom and Ray confirm his theory? 


Is this Transmission Dishwasher-Safe?


David wants Tom and Ray's permission to keep using the family dishwasher to clean his auto parts, but his wife and kids are crying "poison!" Is this an OK use for a home dishwasher--or will David find his major appliance privileges revoked?


The Air-Bag Connector Fix: Check Your Work


Doug's a mechanic and a customer's air-bag connector was damaged during a steering rack replacement. He fixed but now he wants to make sure he did it right. What do Tom and Ray suggest?


Today: Why Does Nobody Make Little Trucks?


Bryant wants a new truck but he's looking for something small, like those old Datsuns that used to be ubiquitous. Can Tom and Ray explain why nobody makes these anymore?