Today: Plugs, patches or new tires?


Bill has had three flat tires in less than twenty-four hours and suspects there may be more flats in his future. Can he safely repair his tires using plugs or patches, or is he going to need to invest in new tires every few weeks?


Could driving a vehicle at higher RPMs be more efficient?


Marie and her buddy both love to drive manual transmission vehicles, but their driving styles couldn't be more different. Which one of them is getting better gas mileage?


Is gliding on ice in neutral ever a good idea?


Which is better when driving down icy hills: freewheeling in neutral, or driving slowly in a low gear? Tom and Ray are called in to settle this lifelong argument between Carol and her husband.


Today: The Case of the Missing Fuel Cap Flap


Kate tries to get to the bottom of the "check fuel cap" light that keeps appearing on her dash. Is she looking at a costly visit to the dealer?


Is switching oils a big deal?


Mary's been driving around with an accidental mixture of regular and synthetic oil in her car for 3,000 miles.  Mistake?


Can a dented fuel tank's gas gauge be reading correctly?


Joey wants to know if the fuel gauge on his daughter's '98 Honda Civic could be damaged after he accidentally dented her fuel tank -- while replacing her car's rear brake shoes!


How do I sell a car for parts?


Barbara gave the rear of her 1998 Plymouth Voyager Minivan a huge wedgie by backing into a cement post, but the engine is still in good shape. How should she go about selling this car for parts?


Today: The shop that messed up should pay up.


Lily's "check engine" light illuminated a few weeks after a Jiffy Lube oil change. Can you guess what her mechanic found when she took her 2008 Subaru Impreza in to the dealer?


Are we ever going to see front-wheel-drive pickups?


Rick wants to know where the alternatives to expensive four-wheel-drive pickups are hiding. Aren't they easier to handle on slippery roads?