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#1518: How To Ruin a Mid-Life Crisis

Original Air Date: 05.02.2015
This week on The Best of Car Talk, John dove head first into his mid-life crisis by buying a Miata. Then, he started obsessing over how best to preserve its soft top. Can Tom and Ray rescue John from his mid-life crisis crisis?
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Auto News for Monday, May 4


Police in southern China raid office of car-hailing app Uber. Chinese officials left satisfied after seeing that Uber drivers work very long hours for very little money. 


10 Road Trip Cars Better Than Bugsy's Van


Many, many years ago, I drove Ray, John “Bugsy” Lawlor and the Boston Globe’s John R. White from Boston to Detroit in what was called “The Enlarged Prostate Express.” We made the trek in Bugsy’s 15-passenger Ford Econoline. There were better cars to make that trip in. Pretty much ANY car is a better car than something with the aerodynamic profile of a tool shed.


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