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#1450: How to Calm an Angry Co-Host

Original Air Date: 12.13.2014
This week on Car Talk, have Tom and Ray found a more productive way to settle their disagreements than, “You moron”? Find out as they differ over whether John should dump his family’s beloved Chevelle before its hyper-sensitive brakes send the family dental bills into seven figures.
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Want a Classic Car from Cuba? You’d Be Better Off with Ray’s Colt Vista


Want a classic car from Cuba? The miles may not have been kind to some of these classics! 


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Swedish car mag says Ford Mondeo is dangerously, illegally overweight: we think it’s the high fat Mobil oils. More news from Car Talk, right here. 


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    Want a classic car from Cuba? The miles may not have been kind to some of these classics! 
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